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17072023 Agenda and Reports Governance and Compliance Committee

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Free Areas - Salisbury Community Hub, Governance and Compliance Committee, 17 July 2023) is declared a no smoking area and a person must not smoke tobacco or other substance in any building or part

21 01 2019 agenda and reports works and services committee

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bargaining to effect a better electricity price for the residents of the City of Salisbury. Due: April 2019 17/12/2018 Further Motion: Council Buildings Powered by Renewable Energy MON7.1 Due: March

Edition 56 Salisbury Aware Winter 2018

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elements for all Council-owned buildings, including buildings that are leased. $12.08 million for Salisbury Community Hub Salisbury Community Hub, part of Council’s City Centre revitalisation agenda

Edition 60 Salisbury Aware Summer 2019

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site, which provides a unique feature to the Hub, sitting immediately adjacent to the building and the Salisbury Civic Plaza. The cemetery was the first burial site registered in October 1864

2602024 Agenda and Reports Council Meeting

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the report. For Decision 3.1.1 Building Fire Safety Committee Appointments It is recommended to Council: That Council: 1. Adopts the City of Salisbury Building Fire Safety Committee Terms of Reference

2017 minutes council meeting 3663559

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of the demolition of the building. 2. The school was not contacted in relation to this artwork. Photos of the artwork had been taken previously and are attached. City of Salisbury Page 17 Council Minutes - 25

2018 agenda and reports policy and planning committee 3814710

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/2018 Smartphone Charging Stations David Bevan NOM2 1. That staff report on Council installing charging stations in the Salisbury CBD and charging facilities in Council-owned community buildings

2017 agenda and reports council meeting 3700075

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that the current Council building needs to be sold so that the current library site will be freed up for 6 level development? A response cannot be provided on behalf of the Salisbury Business

FINAL Issue 27 June to September 2023 web

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of activity over the years but its repairs and maintenance had become unviable. Council has been in the process of building a new Salisbury Aquatic Centre on the same site, which is due to open in 2024

19 03 2018 agenda and reports works and services committee

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in relation to funding available for sub-licencees occupying Council buildings. 23/10/2017 Salisbury United Football Club Karen Pepe Cnl-OB1 That a report be brought forward advising how Council can

Building Upgrade Finance Schedule of Fees

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Building Upgrade Finance Schedule of Fees The following schedule of fees applies for 2021/22. The schedule of fees will be reviewed annually as part of Council’s annual budget process

Corporate plan 2003 2006

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the City to meet community goals. “The City of Salisbury is committed to excellence in building a community of opportunity and spirit in a quality environment” Community and Customer Service We know who

FINAL Regional Public Health Plan 2023 2028 Wellbeing Plan

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and house volunteer associations and clubs, and their activities • Civic entrepreneurs and local governance capabilities: civic buildings, innovation spaces. CITY OF SALISBURY 6 Wellbeing Plan 2023

FINAL Regional Public Health Plan DRAFT Wellbeing Plan WEB

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Draft Wellbeing Plan 2022 - 2027 Draft City of Salisbury Wellbeing Plan 2022 - 2027 CITY OF SALISBURY 1 Draft Wellbeing Plan 2022 - 2027 Acknowledgement of Country The City of Salisbury acknowledges

Strategic Growth Framework Waterloo Corner Bolivar Corridor Appendix 3 Deloitte Economic Vision for Salisbury

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we define how Salisbury can position for growth, identifying building blocks for growth and key metrics for how we can measure the effect of our action for locals. •• Finally, we analyse each

Aisp 2020 web

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; • Participation by DAIN members living with disability in the earliest stage of design of the Salisbury Community Hub which is one of the first public buildings in SA to feature universal design

Salisbury Seniors Issue 24 June to September 2022

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for City of Salisbury NDIS registered groups - STARS, Fun on Friday and The Shed. The Shed Coordinator, Craig and group participants are excited about moving into the new workshop building. This new

17072023 Agenda and Reports Governance and Compliance Committee

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Green, War Memorial Park, and Salisbury Bowling Club, Item 3.1.3, Salisbury Oval and Surrounds, Governance and Compliance Committee, 15 May 2023) and excluding any buildings and or areas on this land

FINAL Welcome to Salisbury Information Booklet 2023 WEB

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to make Salisbury more accessible for everyone. One in five people live with disability so this strategy plans to remove barriers in streets, buildings, websites, community activities and attitudes

2016 agenda and reports works and services committee 3157678

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. The Manager Property and Buildings be authorised to liaise with SA Power Networks to complete the necessary documentation for granting of an easement within a portion of Joe Costello Reserve, Salisbury