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Designing Your Development

The City of Salisbury values design and has a number of resources available to assist developers in achieving positive outcomes. We believe that early engagement between Council and the developer, resident or investor is important. Below you will find design review service options and resources to help you.

CoS Design Review

City of Salisbury (CoS) Design Review service is a lightweight and time-efficient way for developers to receive early feedback on concept proposals. The free service can be used prior to submitting an application or after an application has been formally lodged (prior is preferable). This service is provided by key Council staff including development officers, urban designers, landscape architects and engineers. The turnaround time for feedback is typically within two weeks (10 working days).

Contact the Planning Team at (08) 8406 8222

Note: Design Review may also occur as part of the Council’s standard assessment process depending on the complexity of the proposal.

ODASA Design Review

This is an independent evaluation process led by the South Australian Government Architect, where a panel of built environment experts review the design quality of a development proposal to promote and support good design.

Visit ODASA Design Review for further information.

This option is a voluntary, confidential and free pre-lodgement service offered for eligible developments assessed by the State Planning Commission.

Council Guidelines

You can also find Council's Standard Civil details here.

Other Guidelines Resources