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Roles and Function of Council

Local Councils in South Australia, including the City of Salisbury, are established and empowered by the State Government under the Local Government Act 1999.

The Council of the City of Salisbury is made up of Elected Members (the Council) and administrative staff who make decisions and undertake works and deliver services on behalf of the Salisbury community. The Council, consisting of the Mayor and Ward Councillors, is the decision-making body for the government and management of the City of Salisbury.

The Mayor and Councillors represent the interests of the community and ultimately are responsible for the workings of the Council, allocation of the budget and the services it delivers. Elected Members vote on what action will be taken with regard to issues brought before the Council.

Elected Members can be contacted to discuss any matter relating to Council.

Elected Members are volunteers who want to be involved in making the City a better place in which to live, work and do business. As volunteers, Elected Members receive an allowance determined by the independent South Australian Remuneration Tribunal for expenses incurred and time spent in the discharge of their duties, often making difficult decisions about complex and important matters.

Elected Members are assisted by the administration that works under the direction of the Chief Executive Officer. Council staff provide advice, implement the decisions of Council, and perform the daily works necessary to keep the Council operating.

For more detailed information about the roles, functions, and objectives of councils, visit the Office of Local Government's website resource: 'How Councils Work - A Guide to the Rules'.

See below for information about Council meetings, Committees and Elected Members.

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