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Supported residential facilities

Services Supported residential facilities Supported residential facilities (SRFs) provide accommodation and personal services to older people and people with physical disabilities. Unlike residential

Green Waste

Services Green Waste Please note that in the event of severe weather events, residents may experience a slight delay in their green kerbside waste bin being collected due to larger than usual

Community Development

. Community Capacity and Learning (CC&L) Division The CC&L Division manage all of Council's Libraries and Community Centres, Home and Community Services and Youth Services (including Youth Council

Verge FAQs

Services Verge FAQs What verge maintenance services do Council provide? The strip of Council owned land between the kerb and the property boundary is known as the 'Verge'. City of Salisbury currently

Frequently Asked Questions

Community Frequently Asked Questions On this page Planning ahead Frequently Asked Questions Service fees and charges Useful links Planning ahead Acquiring cemetery property before the need arises

Community Services

Community Community Services Aged Services From cultural programs to finding a home, at the City of Salisbury positive ageing is more than a catch phrase. Community Information Directory The City

Finding a home

of homelessness or who are homeless. What services are available? Provide information about housing options for seniors Assist people to find affordable housing Liaise with support services, community groups


Services Immunisation Immunisation clinics The City of Salisbury recognises the importance of protecting the community from preventable diseases and is committed to ensuring residents have ongoing


Services Recycling Northern Adelaide Waste Management Authority (NAWMA) currently operates a free fortnightly recycling service on behalf of the City of Salisbury. In the 2021/2022 financial year

City Development

Council City Development General Manager: Michelle English Development Services Development Services is primarily responsible for: The provision of various statutory services, principally under

Salisbury wins Excellence in Public Health Award

. The single initiative nominated by the City of Salisbury focused on how our services for older people responded following the announcement of the COVID-19 situation in March 2020. Salisbury Home and Community

Stops and extra day added to popular community bus

Council Stops and extra day added to popular community bus Update 24 Dec 2021 Due to popular demand, the Salisbury Community Bus, a free bus service currently being trialled by the City of Salisbury


Community Community Services Discover services and facilities to help strengthen the community and support people who live in the City of Salisbury. Libraries The City of Salisbury offers library

Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Salisbury and Playford

Services Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Salisbury and Playford Between 2011-2014 the University of Adelaide and partners (including the City of Salisbury) conducted the ‘Stopping


not have any jurisdiction to determine who pays for the fence or whether the fence boundary is located correctly on the boundary. The Legal Services Commission of South Australia is best placed to provide

Long Term Financial Plan and Annual Business Plan

and Annual Business Plan (LTFP & ABP) detail Council’s services, including new services and projects, together with their financial impacts. It provides comprehensive information so

Contact Us

Council Contact Us On this page Office Hours Contact Details Online Contact Emergency Services Waste and Recycling Cemetery Libraries Recreation Centres Community Centres Senior Centres Conditions

Business Excellence

face of the City of Salisbury. The role of the Marketing group is to promote the City as a place to live, work and visit, and to keep residents informed about Council services and programs


to visit. Library Services A number of services are also available across the Salisbury Library branches including justice of the peace services, meeting rooms for hire, computers access and a home library

Waste Collection Schedule

Services Waste Collection Schedule Waste collection is handled by NAWMA and is broken down into different collection cycles. Different council areas will have different bins collected on different