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Sharps Disposal and Clean Needle Programs

Community Sharps Disposal and Clean Needle Programs The City of Salisbury currently provides a free sharps disposal service to residents of the Salisbury Council area. Residents of City of Salisbury

One Card Network

local resources for the benefit of all South Australians. The business case to establish a single Library Management System for all South Australian public libraries that would improve services

Designing Your Development

engagement between Council and the developer, resident or investor is important. Below you will find design review service options and resources to help you. Please contact Clint Watchman on (08) 8260 8156

Emergency Management Overview

Services Emergency Management Overview The information on this site is provided to assist the community to better understand emergencies and what to do in the event of an emergency. Emergency

Existing connections

Services Existing connections How do I know if my property is connected to Salisbury Water? Salisbury Water plumbing is very distinctive with all pipework, taps and meters coloured purple or lilac

Medium Density Development

buildings. Medium density forms of housing are encouraged in areas with good access to services and facilities. Concentrated nodes of medium density development are anticipated in areas close to centres

Business Advice and Networking

Services Business Advice and Networking The Polaris Business and Innovation Centre is the hub for business support and economic growth in northern Adelaide. The Polaris Centre offers an advisory

Public Health: For Business

Services Public Health: For Business High Risk Manufactured Water Systems Information for owners and operators responsible for the control of Legionella in manufactured water systems. Hair and Beauty

Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Salisbury and Playford

Community Mental Health, Alcohol and Other Drug Services in Salisbury and Playford Between 2011-2014 the University of Adelaide and partners (including the City of Salisbury) conducted the ‘Stopping

Investing in Salisbury

Services Investing in Salisbury Salisbury shines as one of Australia’s fastest-growing business areas, consistently attracting investment and creating jobs. Salisbury’s affordability, fast approvals

Chapel of the Holy Family Mausoleum

2020. The Mausoleum will continue to conduct funeral services as required, strictly adhering to the latest advice from the Federal Government and SA Health on funeral restrictions. The Chapel

Multicultural Resources

. With this in mind, the City of Salisbury offers a free voluntary interpreting service of Council issues. Please contact (08) 8406 8222 for assistance. For an accredited interpreting service in over 112

Investment Services

Services Investment Services Help to support your investment success The City of Salisbury has a dedicated Economic Development Team that offer expanding businesses and prospective investors

Food Safety: Newsletters

Services Food Safety: Newsletters Food Standards Australia New Zealand Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) is an independent statutory agency established by the Food Standards Australia New

Verge Development by Residents

Services Verge Development by Residents Many property owners prefer to manage the Council owned area in front of their residences to a different standard than the service level provided by the City

Good Sports Program

with the program to benefit local clubs. You can find more information about Good Sports, as well as how to become a Good Sports club by visiting the Good Sports website. Responsible Service of Alcohol Training

Fire Prevention

Services Fire Prevention Bushfires are an intrinsic part of our environment. The natural ecosystems have adapted to bushfire, while the diversity of the landscape has been shaped by fire. For further

Salisbury Memorial Park

services as required, strictly adhering to the latest advice from the Federal Government and SA Health on funeral restrictions. Salisbury Memorial Park (SMP) is located at the corner of Spains Road

Twelve25 Youth Centre

- Wheels in Motion Wheels in Motion is a volunteer mentored driving experience program. (In car experience) Northern Youth Services Network The City of Salisbury, Playford and Tea Tree Gully Councils

Lodge a Request

Council Lodge a Request On this page Lodge a report Issues you can report After you have lodged a report My Local Services app Lodge a report Lodge a report online Call us during business hours ((08