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How we are responding to COVID-19


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New Dwellings and Additions

form, plans, supporting documents and fees to the Council for assessment. If you have limited design and building construction knowledge, it is advised that you use the service of professional

Para Hills Community Hub Seniors Centre

Seniors Centre (PHSC) is a friendly leisure centre situated at the new Para Hills Community Hub. The centre offers a unique blend of programs, activities and services for older people. The Para Hills


Services Cats Homeless cats The Dog and Cat Management Board has launched a new campaign and website to address homeless cats. The website provides helpful information and suggestions about what we

Roles and Function of Council

. The Council of the City of Salisbury is made up of Elected Members (the Council) and administrative staff who make decisions and undertake works and deliver services on behalf of the Salisbury community

Quick Facts

in community services, aged care and music. TAFE SA Parafield is located within Parafield airport and is dedicated to specialised training of pilots (underpinning knowledge and theory only) and Licensed

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards

. The Awards reward and recognise individuals and organisations that have made a noteworthy contribution during the current year, and/or given an outstanding service over a number of years, to a local

Salisbury Community Bus Trial

Services Salisbury Community Bus Trial City of Salisbury is trialling a free fixed route community bus service for Salisbury residents to improve connectivity to shopping centres and key destinations

Ability Inclusion Strategic Plan

, carers and families, organisations and groups that support people with disability, and service providers. A video summary of the findings for the first round of consultation can be found here. If you

Starting a business in Salisbury Check List

Services Starting a business in Salisbury Check List Small businesses are great to have in Salisbury and just to make sure you’ve ticked all the boxes, we’ve given you a check list of some

Human Rights, Disability, Inclusion and Diversity Resource Guide

with Disabilities was ratified by the Australian Government in July 2008. That means all Australian Governments (Federal, State, Territory and local) have to make their laws, services and programs align


Services Waste The City of Salisbury Waste Reduction Policy Direction is to reduce overall waste generation and waste going to landfill, and encourage resource recovery, reuse and recycling

Salisbury Legends Awards Winners 2018

, including his local service club and being an active member of his children’s school’s governing council. Described as an intelligent, articulate and respectful man whose heart has always been

Fire Management within Grassland Ecosystems Forum 2014 Documentation

Services Fire Management within Grassland Ecosystems Forum 2014 Documentation The Fire Management Within Grassland Ecosystems Forum was be hosted by the City of Salisbury and attended by expert fire

What is Salisbury Water?

Services What is Salisbury Water? Salisbury Water is the term used for Council’s recycled non-drinking water that is distributed to our parks, reserves, schools, industry and some new residential sub

Making a difference

Community Making a difference Positively Influencing the Health and Wellbeing of Salisbury Seniors When COVID-19 hit in late March, the social services provided for seniors in the local community via

Retail development

include traditional retailing, bulky goods, restaurants and personal services establishment. In limited instances, shops may be appropriate outside of centre zones and shall be: of a size and type

Ancestry Library Edition

, court, and immigration records. It also provides limited Australian coverage. This service is usually only available using computers within the library, however for a limited time One Card members

Trash racks

Services Trash racks Trash racks Trash racks are put in place along waterways to filter out litter. The racks are emptied and cleaned whenever it rains. Occasionally, baskets are damaged through

Useful Resources

Services Useful Resources There are many websites available to provide further information about emergency management. If you wish to report a local incident please call us on 8406 8222. If you

LED Lighting Roll-Out

Services LED Lighting Roll-Out Changes to Street Lighting City of Salisbury, in conjunction with SA Power Networks, continually make improvements to the public lighting across our city. We