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How we are responding to COVID-19


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Services Environment and Sustainability The City of Salisbury is committed to implementing practices and initiatives that contribute to achieving an environmentally sustainable city. Emergency

Hair and Beauty Services

Services Hair and Beauty Services It is essential that hairdressing businesses understand that infection can occur during hairdressing procedures. Items such as razors, scissors, combs, clippers

Dog and Cat Management Plan

Services Dog and Cat Management Plan Draft Dog and Cat Management Plan 2022-2026 Council has prepared this Plan to guide the direction of the City of Salisbury’s dog and cat management priorities

Change Details

Council Change Details As part of our firm commitment to deliver continual improvement to the service we offer to residents, we are launching a trial of a new way to process online customer service

Global Food Passport

they are looking for retail services, trades, health and beauty, medical or professional services and more. Find us 34 Church Street Salisbury SA 5108 Contact us Phone(08) 8406 8222 Emailcity

Doing Business with Council

is required to adopt an ethical, transparent approach that balances the principles of equity and transparency. For major purchases of Goods/Services/Works, Council may engage in a Tender Process, in which

Outdoor advertising

and concise language, symbols, print style, layout and a small number of colours, the owner / occupier and/or generic type of business, merchandise or services be minimised in number to avoid the proliferation

COVID-19 vaccinations, boosters and child vaccinations at the Salisbury Community Hub

used for Council’s immunisation programs. The service administers the first and second Pfizer vaccine and the booster dose, eligible after four months from your second COVID-19 vaccination. A separate

Dog Handovers

Services Dog Handovers If you are no longer able to care for your dog and would like to hand it over to Council, please contact the Inspectorate section on (08) 8406 8222 during business hours

Keeping Fowls

Services Keeping Fowls Residents who wish to keep fowls (hens, roosters and chickens) on their property may do so, within the Councils standards and guidelines. Fowl shelters For information

Burial Services

Community Burial Services A place to remember, to cherish loved ones who have been lost and to provide comfort to those who are without them is paramount. Burial sites are a constant place

Salisbury Seniors Alliance

is the Salisbury Seniors Alliance? The Age-friendly Seniors Alliance is a group of connected older people who will bring a consumer perspective to discussion and decisions about key aspects of service

Lost and Found Dogs

Services Lost and Found Dogs My dog has gone missing, what should I do? As a responsible dog owner, there are several options available to you to report a missing dog. The City of Salisbury

New Burton Community Hub to Feature Innovative Library

community groups and businesses looking to host workshops or other events, with a range of community and commercial hire spaces available. A key element of the project is the relocation of services

Strategic Asset Management Plans

will: Show how assets will meet the service delivery needs of the community into the future, Enable Council’s Asset Management Policies to be achieved; and Ensure the integration of Council’s Asset Management

Progressive, sustainable, connected. • City of Salisbury

, regional recreation centre, Ingle Farm provides a broad range of activities and services for the community. Programs range from mass participant sports such as; netball, basketball, futsal, roller skating

Cremation Services

Community Cremation Services For many, cremation is the preferred option to burial and for family members and friends, importance is placed on fitting memorials where they can remember and pay

Corporate Business Directional Signs

placement of your business on the sign. A lease period for all panels on each sign concludes on the same date. New Signs For new sign requests please contact our Customer Service on (08) 8406 8222

Salisbury Seniors

through to January 2022. Make sure to look at the last section of the magazine which features services and local activities that older community members can participate in. We hope you enjoy reading

Ingle Farm Recreation Centre

, regional recreation centre, Ingle Farm provides a broad range of activities and services for the community. Programs range from mass participant sports such as; netball, basketball, futsal, roller skating