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Council City of Salisbury Logo Placeholder

Cr Sarah Ouk JP

Elected Member Cr Sarah Ouk

Suburbs represented:
Parafield Gardens (part of), Paralowie (part of), Salisbury Downs

Positions held summary:
2018 – Current: Elected Member, Para Ward

Council appointed memberships:

- nil

Council committee memberships:

Standing committees:

  • Community Wellbeing and Sport Committee
  • Finance and Corporate Services Committee
  • Policy and Planning Committee
  • Urban Services Committee

Internal committees/Sub committees:

  • Asset Management Sub Committee
  • Intercultural Strategy and Partnerships Sub Committee (Deputy Chairman)
  • Tree Management Appeals Sub Committee

Personal statement:
I arrived in Australia in 1986 with my mum as refugees from Cambodia. We are always thankful to Australia and its people for their generosity toward us. I live in Salisbury Council for the past 18 years and I'm aware of many local issues that affect our area. For nearly two decades I've been devoted to community programs and advocating for stronger links in our community. I work to raise awareness of community needs such as housing at local, state and federal levels. I want to use my community service experience to be a voice for you and the local community. I want Council to improve the quality of local footpaths, install better playground equipment to get kids off computers and more activities and services to assist our elderly residents with independent living.