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The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards Winners 2024

Heidi Wolff 6690

Citizen of the Year Award - Robert Styling

Robert Styling has spent his life dedicating himself to the community, with a number of achievements that showcase his commitment. With 51 years of devoted service to the Salisbury CFS, Robert has held key roles such as Captain for 12 years, making him the second longest serving Captain of the brigade, and has been Group Officer of the Para Group, overseeing six very active Brigades in the northern region for 12 years.

He is currently the Chair of the Mobo Group Board, which he has served for 7 years, and has previously served on the board of the CFS Foundation, having spent 2 years as it’s CEO.

In a 28-year tenure as the General Manager of Human Resources at Phoenix Society, he played a national role in government committees for disability employment programs. For three decades, he has been instrumental in developing similar initiatives in Ipoh, Malaysia, working with the Malaysian Government in the development of such programs.

Through his involvement with the CFS, Robert utilised strategic thinking to develop and diversify the Salisbury Brigade as the area developed a more urban focus. His efforts have ensured sustained membership and resource development for broader community impact.

Since 1989, Robert has been a JP, offering crucial support to the community, and played an instrumental role in establishing an employment facility for Phoenix (Bedford), benefitting Salisbury residents.

He has spent over 35 years in motorsports as a Fire Marshall, and has been in a senior role with the Formula 1 Grand Prix since 2001. As Chief Fire and Rescue Marshall for the last 5 years, he is responsible for 120 marshals and is Incident Commander, should anything occur around the track.

Recognised with awards like the Centenary Medal, the Australian Fire Service Medal, and the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for contributions to the Disability Sector and Community, he's also earned 2 Ministerial Commendations for Courageous Action, and is truly deserving of adding this Citizen of the Year.

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Community Achievement Award - Cody Chadwick

Cody Chadwick has proved a lifelong dedication to the Salisbury Cycle Speedway, representing both state and country on numerous occasions.

In his recent role as President of the club, Cody has demonstrated exceptional organisational and leadership skills, coordinating national, international, and local events.

Salisbury Cycle Speedway, under Cody's leadership, actively promotes inclusivity by catering to members of all genders, ages, and social backgrounds. Cody's commitment goes beyond being a competitor, his dedication to the role as a club administrator highlights his active citizenship and contributions to enhancing community life.

For many years, Cody has been instrumental in bringing pride and recognition to the City of Salisbury. Notably, the Salisbury Cycle Speedway serves as a valuable recreational opportunity for socially disadvantaged members of the community. Cody's efforts have not only elevated the profile of the club, but have also provided a meaningful avenue for individuals facing social challenges to engage in a positive and inclusive recreational activity.

Cody's extensive involvement in the Salisbury Cycle Speedway, both as a competitor and club president, signifies his commitment to community wellbeing and the delivery of inclusive recreational opportunities. His impact reaches beyond the sporting realm, and he is valued immensely by the Salisbury.

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Community Event of the Year Award - Salisbury North Football Club and Simon Warner for hosting the SANFL Indigenous Round

Simon Warner, Chairman of Salisbury North Football Club, stands as a beacon of exemplary leadership, earning this nomination for his remarkable dedication to championing the reconciliation initiative.

Under his guidance, the club has become an upholder of inclusion and diversity, with a particular focus on fostering relationships with the Kaurna people. One of Simon's notable accomplishments is the organisation and hosting of a Reconciliation Day event, which gathered many members of the community.

The event commenced with a luncheon that brought together Aboriginal elders, our state’s Premier, the Hon Peter Malinauskas MP, as well as members of parliament, City of Salisbury’s Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM, and other Elected Members.

It featured integral elements like a Welcome to Country, a smoking ceremony, and a broadcast that can be accessed via dartfish. The broadcast, capturing the essence of the occasion, included insightful commentary from Aboriginal players, the Hon Katrine Hilyard MP, and Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM.

This pivotal event, attended by thousands, significantly contributed to community cohesion. Simon's leadership ensures that Salisbury North Football Club remains a welcoming space for everyone, fostering a culturally rich environment.

The emphasis on respect for the Kaurna people and active support for their cultural beliefs highlights Simon's commitment to creating an inclusive and harmonious community through the platform of Salisbury North Football Club.

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Active Citizenship of the Year Award - Joint Winner Tyson Roling

A Volunteer dedicated to ensuring accessibility in sport, Tyson Roling has worked tirelessly to establish pathways for cricketers living with disability. He works with Para Hills Cricket Club, an inaugural club to the SA Inclusive League (now in its second season) as well as working closely with SACA, school communities, and other sporting organisations to establish the largest ever women’s and junior cricket programs.

The club now has 2 junior girls Strikers teams, a women’s senior team, and a new record of junior participation with 8 full teams as a result of Tyson’s involvement.

Tyson has set an example within the club, endorsing inclusive and progressive values, raising awareness about the importance of mental health and advocating for supportive systems like a mental health officer, which has been secured for the club members and extended families.

He has been instrumental in securing funding to improve accessibility at the Para Hills Cricket Club, enabling them to provide a safe environment for all members and significantly improving the facilities through dedicated involvement and efforts towards fundraising and sponsorship.

Tyson’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, and as a direct result of his contributions, the Para Hills Cricket Club was awarded the SACA Community Cricket Club of the Year for the 2022/2023 season. A truly meaningful achievement.

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Active Citizenship of the Year Award - Joint Winner Ben Kilpatrick

Ben Kilpatrick’s dedication to community service and active involvement in the youth athletics sphere has made a substantial impact on the young sporting community in the City of Salisbury.

As a parent, a Little Athletics Rec Athlete, and a member of the Junior Sub Committee, Ben’s extensive involvement highlights his holistic approach to supporting and enriching the Little Athletics program, and demonstrates his commitment to fostering a nurturing environment for young athletes.

Additionally, Ben contributes to the growth and development of the sports community through comprehensive involvement in various facets of athletics, including his efforts within other roles as an NDAC Rec Runner, Registered Athletics SA athlete, and Club Committee member.

Ben embodies the spirit of active citizenship through his volunteer work and commitment to enhancing community life in his efforts across multiple roles and responsibilities at Little Athletics Salisbury. He serves as a role model, inspires others through his enthusiasm for sports, and shows selflessness daily through his passion for fostering a positive environment for young athletes.

As the Event Director for the Salisbury.RUN event, Ben’s contributions extend beyond sports as he plays a pivotal role in an event that promotes fitness and healthy living, as well as bringing people together in a shared endeavour.

Heidi Wolff 6688

Salisbury Young Citizen of the Year Award - Alexandra Seal

Alexandra Seal, a passionate and dedicated individual committed to social and environmental change, has already been actively involved in the community for years. As a young emerging leader, she seamlessly integrates social and environmental justice into her daily life.

Within her school community, Alexandra has spearheaded initiatives supporting ecological and social justice, including the implementation of solar panels and sustainable packaging.

Her involvement extends to tree planting in both her school and the Victoria Park Wetlands.

Beyond her school, Alexandra tirelessly advocates for social causes through her small business, Six Spaces. This venture not only donates profits to various charities but, notably, Alexandra volunteers for Families4Families, having created a short film series that aids the charity, and BIRCH rehabilitation.

Her impactful work extends beyond her community, educating and informing others about Acquired Brain Injuries and supporting families in difficult times. Alexandra's active citizenship is evident in her participation in programs like the Civics and Citizenship Year 9 and 10 Convention, where she discussed the importance of civics, active citizenship, and Australia's parliamentary and voting systems.

She has also contributed significantly to intergenerational partnerships through the Governor’s Leadership Foundation Program, where she supported Southern Cross Care residents and helped to connect them with intergenerational partnerships after Covid-19 saw a decline in these relationships.

Her notable recognition includes the Steele and Cooper Award for 2021, and the Muriel Matters Award for 2021, showcasing her dedication to both academic success and leadership. Despite her numerous accolades, Alexandra remains a humble force, driven by her purpose to make the world a better place socially and environmentally. This Young Citizen of the Year award recognises her achievements and ongoing dedication to creating positive change, marking her as an unsung hero making a significant.

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Senior Citizen of the Year award - Charles Morgan

At 82 years old, Charles Morgan, commonly known as Charlie, has spent his years establishing himself as a truly valued and loved member of the community. Charlie came to Australia in his twenties with his late wife, Connie, and has dedicated himself to community service through football and various organisations ever since.

His longstanding commitment to the Salisbury United Football Club extends across decades, and he has been Chairman since 2020. Simultaneously, he actively volunteers with the Lions Club of Paralowie, and was his wife Connie’s devoted full-time carer in her final years. It is no understatement that Charlie is so considerate of others that he developed a remarkable ability to manage multiple roles and commit whole heartedly to each one.

Charlie’s dedication has significantly impacted Salisbury United Football Club, ensuring a diverse and welcoming environment for players and community members of varied backgrounds. His involvement was instrumental in the interactions with Elected Members and City of Salisbury staff to deliver 2 major infrastructure projects to upgrade the clubs main playing pitches and a refurbishment of the clubrooms, which have made a significantly positive impact on the local community.

Charlie's multifaceted contributions extend beyond football, encompassing tasks from fundraising BBQs to coordinating community events. His charitable endeavours include collecting and washing hundreds of pre-loved teddy bears and cuddly toys, which were donated and recycled to give to disadvantaged children at the annual Salisbury Christmas Pageant and other charitable organisations, exemplifying his commitment to community wellbeing.

Recognised for his exceptional volunteering efforts, Charlie has received prestigious awards, including the Premier's Certificate of Recognition for outstanding volunteer 2016, Lions International Community Award twice, and the James D Richardson Award in 2019. He holds Silver and Gold Centenary Medals through the Lions Club, and is now the City of Salisbury’s Senior Citizen of the Year.

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Mayor’s Commendation - Ben Kilpatrick

Salisbury.RUN has significantly contributed to the community, serving as a premier platform for inclusive and accessible recreational activities. Stemming from the Carisbrooke Classic, it has become the largest Fun Run in the northern metropolitan area, offering 2km, 5km, 10km, and half marathon events for people of diverse age groups and physical abilities.

Beyond a traditional run, it promotes health, fitness, and overall wellbeing, fostering positive community connections through the Northern Districts Athletics Club's Recreational Running group.

This volunteer-run event not only raises awareness for the Northern Districts Athletics Club, but also showcases the City of Salisbury’s liveability, natural environment, attractions, and local businesses. By establishing strong links with local businesses, Salisbury.RUN encourages a connected community, and a sense of shared responsibility for positive community culture and wellbeing.

The event exemplifies active citizenship, enhancing community life through inclusivity, diversity, and wellbeing. It goes beyond a race, actively involving people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and physical abilities. The range of distances that participants can choose to cover inspires them to complete what they can handle, providing an enjoyable experience and encouragement of outdoor exercise for all. The presence of young para-athletes and their running frames over the past two years highlights Salisbury.RUN’s commitment to making athletics accessible to everyone.

Recognised in 2022 by Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold medallist Jess Stenson, state running champions, and the Premier of South Australia, Salisbury.RUN continues to grow with a record number of participants, high media exposure, and widespread support. Its success in promoting community engagement, health, and inclusivity makes it a celebrated and acknowledged initiative within the northern metropolitan area.