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Progressive, sustainable, connected. • City of Salisbury

Australia, this new and improved facility will provide a diverse range of aquatic, health and leisure services to the community of Salisbury. To support Council to understand what was important


Services Wetlands The City of Salisbury's investment in a unique and diverse series of wetlands has provided significant economic, social and environmental benefits to the local community

Sustainability Fact Sheets

Services Sustainability Fact Sheets The City of Salisbury is committed to ensuring the future growth of the city is sustainable and that the most valuable natural resources are maintained


nuisance and litter management services within South Australian communities and to ensure environmental complaints are responded to efficiently. What is Local Nuisance? Under the Local Nuisance

Salisbury Recreation Precinct

Australia, this new and improved facility will provide a diverse range of aquatic, health and leisure services to the community of Salisbury. To support Council to understand what was important

Environmental Community Groups

Services Environmental Community Groups Friends of the Pledger Wetlands The Pledger Wetlands are in Mawson Lakes running along the eastern side of the Gawler to Adelaide railway. The Friends

Urban Development and Transport

Services Urban Development and Transport The City of Salisbury's Urban Development and Transport Policy Direction applies innovative planning policies and strategies to optimise ecologically

Salisbury Oval - Community Land Revocation Consultation

a high quality integrated precinct featuring a premier sporting facility, open space, community services and residential areas which are accessible and have strong links to the surrounding areas

Little Para River

the Para Escarpment. This has included the control of pest plants, the removal of rubbish, replanting of local native vegetation species and the construction of service tracks and walking trails

Water Recycling

Services Water Recycling Salisbury's water recycling solutions set an example used to showcase best practice urban stormwater management to audiences worldwide. The links in this section will assist

The Outlook, Salisbury Heights Luminaire Trial

Australia is owned and operated by SA Power Networks as a service to councils and the State Government. Complete the form below to have your say Name First Name * Last Name Street Address Address 1 * City

Primary Years

. Pineapple Upside Down Cake Chicken and Vegetable Sausage Rolls Salisbury Library Service Children's Activity Booklet Keep thiose little minds busy while at home with our activity book! Just download

Working on your Wellbeing

– Meaning Adopt a Service mindset. What’s one thing you could do today to make a positive difference for others? Uncover your story. Each day take 5 minutes to journal about what’s happened and why


Services Asbestos Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral made up of long, fibrous crystals. Starting in the late 1800s, manufacturers used asbestos because of its sound absorption and resistance


Services Dogs Walking and Exercising Your Dog The City of Salisbury has many parks and reserves where dogs can only be walked on leash between 8.00am and 6.30pm, however the same parks and reserves


Services Composting How Composting works About half the household waste in Australia is made up of food and garden waste. Most of this material could be composted to save landfill, improve soil

Getting Your L's

cost. A fee of $68 must be paid separately to Services SA after passing the test. Steps for booking in to a course Please follow the steps to ensure you book in to a course correctly. 1. Unique Student

Water for the Future

Services Water for the Future The greater Adelaide metropolitan area currently consumes some 310 gigalitres of mains water per annum in an average year. Of this, 88 gigalitres is drawn from

Little Bang Discovery Club

the Salisbury Library Service Facebook page Download the resources for the weeks session AND have fun! Download Equipment List. Introduction Little Bang Discovery Club is designed for pre-school and early

Growing for Gold

sports and recreation clubs can promote the programs and services they provide for young people. To provide young people with an opportunity to participate in sport and recreation based programs