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Spotlight on Business in Salisbury

Services Spotlight on Business in Salisbury On this page Episode 1: Launching new business a picnic for Mawson Lakes local Episode 2: Close-knit family honours Hungarian heritage Episode 3: First

Breathing new life into the Salisbury Oval Precinct

for the Salisbury Oval, which for the area to become: A high quality integrated precinct that provides a complementary mix of amenities including a premier sporting facility, open space, community services

Limiting stormwater pollutants at home

Services Limiting stormwater pollutants at home Litter Litter is the most obvious of all stormwater pollutants. It can block stormwater drains and pipes and obstruct the natural flow of local creeks

What to Do if a Dog Attacks

Services What to Do if a Dog Attacks After a dog attack, you should seek medical or veterinary treatment as a priority. If the offending dog is wandering at large and still poses a risk to the public

2019 Legends Award winners

it to more efficiently hire out facilities, better manage money and electronically store services information and schedules for activities. The database system is now pivotal to the way the Centre operates

City of Salisbury Women’s Safety Summit

and community service organisations and education providers) which may require unique approaches to change attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that create the conditions for domestic violence and abuse

Walkleys Road Corridor

connections to local services for those who need it. High design standards, with design complementing the existing character of the locality and quality public spaces, is a focus, as well as improved

Other Hazards

Services Other Hazards Some other common hazards that may affect the community include: Earthquakes An earthquake is the shaking and vibration at the surface of the Earth caused by underground

Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network

clubs to come along and hear about up-to-date issues in the sporting community, hear from guest speakers and current programs and services available at Council. There will be opportunities for local

Strategic Growth Framework Waterloo Corner and Bolivar Corridor

to work together with services providers and the Council so that the costs are most effectively shared in a coordinated manner. This process will inform these decisions so that all parties have an agreed

Dog Noise

Services Dog Noise What can the Council do to help you? The South Australian Dog and Cat Management Act states that Council may take action against a dog owner if their dog persistently interferes

Canine Parvovirus

Services Canine Parvovirus Parvovirus Infection Local vets have reported an increase in the canine parvovirus as a result we are providing this general information sheet for dog owners. For further


friendships – all whilst being in my own ‘backyard’. Simone, Paralowie (December 2014) Olwyn’s Testimonial Olwyn attended the WiseMove program coordinated by Salisbury Primary Health Care services at Para

Travel and Credit Card Transactions

for staff member attending: $2,584 (flights, transfers, meals, accommodation, baggage service) Click here to access itinerary. Sister City delegation. 18/12/2017 Item SIPSC3 Find us 34 Church Street

Steps to Completing the Community Grants Program Application

activities and equipment as defined in the grant details in your grant agreement and Community Grants Program Application. You must not acquit funding for goods or services that have been purchased


Services Dog FAQ What is Wandering at Large? A dog is considered to be 'wandering at large' if the dog is in a public or private place without the consent of the occupier and nobody is exercising

Busting the myths of 'ageing' and 'old'

by these countries – and the United Nations – can broadly be described as: finding better ways of dealing with the health and wellbeing services offered to people over 65 finding ways of keeping people over 65

Hoarding on council land and roads

Services Hoarding on council land and roads 'Hoarding' refers to placing mini skips, shipping containers, erecting scaffolding, installing a temporary toilet or placing building materials or other

Dry Creek Linear Park

R.M.Williams homestead was built using stone from a quarry on Dry Creek, but after the land use changed in the late 1980's by correctional services, the homestead was demolished. It was thought the homestead

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards Winners 2021

of voluntary service to the Club. Chris also represents the Club on a number of committees and is the ‘go to’ person for anything Club-related. Chris holds the keys to the Club meaning she is on site from open