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Water for the Future

Services Water for the Future The greater Adelaide metropolitan area currently consumes some 310 gigalitres of mains water per annum in an average year. Of this, 88 gigalitres is drawn from


Services Composting How Composting works About half the household waste in Australia is made up of food and garden waste. Most of this material could be composted to save landfill, improve soil

Growing for Gold

and recreation clubs can promote the programs and services they provide for young people. To provide young people with an opportunity to participate in sport and recreation based programs that provide them

Adapting Northern Adelaide

Services Adapting Northern Adelaide Climate change is already impacting the way we live, how our economy performs and the way the natural world functions. With continued emissions of greenhouse gases

Mawson Lakes Library

Salisbury Library Service patrons to borrow and return items wherever they are with their current library card. Free computer access Members and visitors can access library computers for internet

Ingle Farm Library

Card Network’ enables Salisbury Library Service patrons to borrow and return items wherever they are with their current library card. Free computer access Members and visitors can access library

Building Upgrade Finance

Services Building Upgrade Finance On this page Loan Structure What are the key benefits? What does the process involve? Eligibility More Information Building Upgrade Finance is a unique finance


Services Animals Wetland Animals Wetlands are highly productive ecosystems that provide habitat for a diverse range of animals. In the City of Salisbury wetlands, you'll find: 173 species of birds

Impounded dogs

Services Impounded dogs On this page Impounded dogs How do I reclaim my dog? What fees and penalties apply? What if my dog isn’t on the list? How to prevent your dog from escaping? This is a record


or their products or services nor are they indications of approval or sponsorship. To the maximum extent permitted by law, the City of Salisbury and each author disclaims any liability to any person arising out

Celebrating Men's Health Week 2022

approaches to improve men’s health and the optimisation of health services that better meet men’s needs and preferences for greater uptake and outcomes. He also leads the MAILES healthy male aging study

Aquifer Storage Recovery

Services Aquifer Storage Recovery Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) is the process of injecting water into an aquifer (an underground layer of rock or sediment that holds water) for storage

Sustainability and Climate Change

Services Sustainability and Climate Change Sustainability is our responsibility There is universal agreement that urgent action needs to be taken if we are to save the planet. The importance


Services Parasites There are a number of tiny pests that can be passed from animal to human or human to human that at best will make you very uncomfortable and at worst can transmit disease. Bed bugs

Regulated / Significant trees

that the information above is intended as a guide only. Further clarification of these matters can be obtained from the Development Services on 8406 8222 or Lodge development

Family History Resources

& Marriage Victorian Births, Deaths and Marriages Tasmania Births, Deaths and Marriages South Australia Office of Consumer and Business Services - Births, Deaths and Marriages Western Australia

St Kilda Marine Recreation Precinct and Mangroves area masterplan

Sanctuary, water front amenity and potential future services. Explore opportunities for the Mangrove Trail and Interpretive Centre. View the location of these recommendations. The recommendations aim

Wetlands and Water

Services Wetlands and Water Towards Water Sensitive Cities The City of Salisbury is committed to an ongoing strategy of sustainability, of which water conservation and management plays a critical

Spotlight on Business in Salisbury

Services Spotlight on Business in Salisbury On this page Episode 1: Launching new business a picnic for Mawson Lakes local Episode 2: Close-knit family honours Hungarian heritage Episode 3: First

Breathing new life into the Salisbury Oval Precinct

, community services and residential areas which are accessible and have strong links to the Salisbury City Centre and surrounding areas. The Draft Master Plan has been prepared based on four key themes