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Salisbury Hub After Dark

The past few months at the Salisbury Community Hub have looked a little different, with the introduction of Salisbury Hub After Dark, a new initiative with the goal of providing efficient work spaces to the community’s night owls.

The pilot period, in which the doors of the Hub stay open until late on Monday nights, allows for use of study nooks, modern workspaces, public PC’s and free WIFI for those needing to get some work finished after regular work hours.

The pilot has been going well, with plenty of visitors making the most of the space, including students studying for tests and working on assignments, local business people getting work done, and tutors conducting study sessions with their pupils after school.

The space is especially helpful for TAFE students, who come to the hub together after their classes. Dr Hashini Abeysena, accomplished Lecturer and evening Coordinator at the TAFE SA Salisbury campus, said the staff and students have immensely benefited from the late opening hours.

‘We organised several excursions that included guided library tours and independent reading sessions for our students at the Hub with the support and direction of the Hub staff.

‘It really helped our AMEP evening students to develop their habit of reading and explore other services offered by the Hub. Since almost all the other libraries are closed after 5pm, but we have our evening AMEP classes from 6pm to 9pm from Monday to Wednesday, we really wanted to give this opportunity for our students.

‘They really liked and appreciated the Hub’s great work and the fact that the library is accessible for them during after-hours. We look forward to continuing our evening excursions to the Hub quite often in future too,’ said Hashini.

The pilot stage of Salisbury Hub After Dark will finish in February, and we encourage everyone in the community to come down to the Salisbury Community Hub and take advantage of the program.

John Kamau