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Salisbury Aware Issue 72 Apr 2024 Article Photos3

A Lake Windemere Lifestyle

This exciting initiative aims to not only meet the growing needs of the community, but also to create a vibrant, inclusive, and affordable living environment.

Nestled just ten minutes away from the bustling city centre of Salisbury, the development is designed to be a model for community-centric urban planning. The project kicked off with the construction of a new road, paving the way for a host of beautiful homes scheduled for completion in 2024. The roadwill serve as a lifeline connecting this serene oasis to the heart of Salisbury, ensuring accessibility and convenience for future residents.

One of the best aspects of this development is the emphasis on liveability. The vision is to enable local residents to work where they live, promoting a harmonious work-life balance. Not only will the new homes be beautiful, but there will be 35 allotments up for grabs ranging in price, ensuring that people from all walks of life can find a place to call their own.

The diverse range of lot sizes available guarantees that there will be a mix of housing options to suit every lifestyle, fostering a vibrant and inclusive community, and aligning with Council’s affordable community housing policy.

‘Our Council is committed to being mindful with any development that happens in our area,’ said Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM.

‘We want to make sure if we do something like this, that we’re creating options for everyone in our community, every type of family, while also being considerate with the way that we design. This development will improve the community, benefit the nearby school, and encourage living closely with nature. We know that our residents, and those who are yet to call Salisbury home, are just going to love it.’

The project is not just about building homes; it's about building community and boosting the local economy. The development's building partners have committed to sourcing their workforce from the local community, which will provide an economic boost, creating more job opportunities right in the heart of Salisbury.

Stay tuned for updates on the City of Salisbury website and social media as this development continues to take shape.