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Heidi Wolff 7579

City of Salisbury’s International Women’s Day Event - a night to remember

What a night! The City of Salisbury’s annual International Women’s Day event on 5 March at the Salisbury Community Hub was an absolute hit. Hosted by Adelady’s Hayley and Lauren, the event brought women together to celebrate the diverse experiences and achievements of women, both locally and globally.

The guest speaker for the evening was the inspiring and charismatic Dorinda Hafner. A celebrity TV chef, best-selling author, and businesswoman, Dorinda’s numerous accolades complemented her years of hard work and determination as a nurse, television chef, and community advocate.

With a wealth of experience and captivating charm, Dorinda brought a unique perspective and thought-provoking stories to the event. Guests had the chance to learn, laugh, and celebrate women everywhere.

Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM was in attendance and gave a heartfelt address to the attendees, sharing her delight at having the chance to spend an evening with women from all walks of life, to celebrate their successes and support each other’s experiences in a respectful and welcoming space.

Attendees enjoyed an evening filled with networking opportunities, entertainment, and insightful discussions centred around themes of resilience, economic empowerment, and embracing equality.

Guests had the chance to mingle with Adelady’s Hayley and Lauren, Dorinda Hafner, Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM, and City of Salisbury Councillors throughout the night, while taking the opportunity to make new friends and expand their networks.

The event included refreshments, entertainment, lucky door prizes, a small thank-you gift, and opportunities to meet and connect with like-minded women of the City of Salisbury.

Overall, it was a successful and inspiring night, with tickets sold to capacity and guests sharing a memorable experience filled with laughter, networking, and a strong sense of community.