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Shopfront Improvement in front of the newly upgraded Sunny Spectrum

Salisbury Shopfronts Granted A Fresh Look

This year’s Shopfront Improvement Grant program is well underway, as the recipients have been selected and works are in progress to transform the exteriors of the sites to reflect the outstanding businesses on the inside.

As part of a 2023 partnership between City of Salisbury and Salisbury Business Association, Polaris Business Development Centre staff went doorknocking to spread the word, and 9 businesses in the Salisbury City Centre were chosen to receive a little extra support to freshen things up.

Applicants were eligible to apply for up to $10,000 in grant funds, and most of the selected businesses are already looking brand new again. Salisbury Business Association Executive Officer, David Waylen, is excited for the results of this project.

‘This exciting collaboration complemented the John and Church Street upgrades, but was spread wider across the Salisbury City Centre precinct.

‘We were able to enhance properties on Park Terrace, Ann Street as well as John Street with improvements including removal of roller shutters, new signage and facade painting, landscaping and more. Our City Centre continues to evolve as a vibrant and multicultural destination,’ said David.

One Ann Street business in particular, Sunny Spectrum, was able to install a crucial feature for their entry way, thanks to the grant.

‘The Shopfront Improvement Grant enabled us to lift the look of our building so that we fit right in with neighbouring businesses. Our office has been brought to life with the addition of a garden and planter boxes built with reclaimed timber amongst other aesthetic improvements.

‘The grant also enabled us to increase the accessibility of our office with the installation of a ramp. As a small business that is completely owned and operated by people with disabilities, we would not have been able to achieve this in such a short time without the support of the Salisbury Council,’ said Tammie Sinclair, Director of Sunny Spectrum.

The grant program has been transformative for local business, revitalising the City’s commercial landscape. Business owners have made remarkable improvements to their shopfronts, which in turn is attracting more customers, increased foot traffic, and will elevate the overall curb appeal.

‘Were thrilled because the fact that Salisbury Council has put in so much work to beautify the area makes you want to get your shop looking as nice you can,’ said Dion Stanbury, owner of 88 John Street.

As local business owners embrace the opportunity to enhance their establishments, they contribute to the preservation of Salisbury’s historical charm while positioning the City for future prosperity. City of Salisbury commends the recipients on their efforts during this process.