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Salisbury Aware Issue 72 Apr 2024 Article Photos

Artful transformation at Pooraka Memorial Hall

The City of Salisbury is coming alive with bursts of colour and expression, as the Create a Place public art project is taking shape. As part of an initiative to increase awareness of public art within the community, local artists had the opportunity to respond to an Expression of Interest released by the City of Salisbury, to be selected to add some liveliness and beauty to empty walls throughout the City.

The latest masterpiece to join the ranks is currently under development at the Pooraka Memorial Hall. Mural artist Melita Scott, of Melita Murals & Art, has spent hours carefully crafting a series of designs on the outer walls of the building, draped in colour and detailed brushstrokes worthy of a good stare.

Along the sides of the once bare building, visitors can now find a range of harmonious designs featuring birds, people, and a stunning mix of hues. Melita says the inspiration for the work came from speaking local community members who use the space, and shining a light on City of Salisbury wildlife.

‘I wanted to design a mural that showcases some of the beautiful local wildlife as well as highlighting the wonderful and diverse range of activities that the Memorial Hall has to offer to the community. These include The Community Shed, fitness, music, dance, sport and education.

‘Prior to creating my design, I met with some of the local community that use the hall, and with their permission, I have included their images in the mural. A vibrant colour palette was used to bring attention to the Centre, highlighting to locals, and passersby, everything it has to offer,’ said Melita.

A local mural artist with 20 years of experience, Melita says her favourite part of painting murals is the response from the community.

‘One of the things I love most about my job is the interaction and happiness it brings. People love to watch the process and stop and have a chat about the artwork. I meet new people every day who admire my work and are grateful for its transformation,’ said Melita.

The mural joins 15 other pieces of public art that have been added around the community as part of the Create a Place project, with even more planned for other locations.

For more information on the Create a Place public art project, or to register interest to have your art become a part of the City’s history, head to the City of Salisbury website.

To view other public art pieces in the City of Salisbury, visit the Discover Salisbury website.