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Heidi Wolff 169

Dr Dellal’s Impactful Visit

Here in the City of Salisbury, we take great pride in our interculturalism. We feel lucky to have residents from all across the globe contributing to our culturally diverse community, and recently we had a visit from an influential person who has dedicated their career to intercultural affairs.

Dr Bulent Hass Dellal, Panel Chair of the Multicultural Framework Review, made a significant visit to the City of Salisbury as part of his extensive efforts to discuss and evaluate Australia’s Multicultural Framework. Dr Dellal’s visit came after a series of meetings with various stakeholders in Adelaide in early August, where the City’s Intercultural Strategic Plan and its diverse community were prominent topics of discussion.

Dr Dellal, who serves as the Executive Director of the Australian Multicultural Foundation, and is a former Chair of the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS), has a long and distinguished career in multicultural affairs. With multiple board memberships, including his role as an Adjunct Professor at Deakin University, his dedication to multicultural organizations, the arts, and the community was recognised through an Order of Australia Medal in 1997. He was later appointed an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia in 2015 for his remarkable contributions to the multicultural community.

The Multicultural Framework Review is a comprehensive initiative that seeks to foster collaboration between the government and the community to ensure a harmonious multicultural society and a prosperous future for all Australians. It aims to provide valuable recommendations to the government regarding institutional, legislative, and policy adjustments that will support and further enhance Australia’s multiculturalism over the next decade.

During Dr Dellal’s visit to Salisbury, he conducted several meetings, including with City of Salisbury’s Mayor Gillian Aldridge OAM, CEO John Harry, as well as Council’s executives and Elected Members.

It was important to him to interact with the community, visiting the Morella Community Centre to meet with Adult Community Education (ACE) and members of the intercultural groups who gather at the centres every Monday.

He then returned to the Salisbury Community Hub to meet with intercultural youth representatives, community centre coordinators, and high school wellbeing coordinators/counsellors to discuss youth-focused initiatives and programs.

Dr Dellal’s visit provided a valuable opportunity for the City of Salisbury to engage in discussions related to the City’s commitment to multiculturalism and diversity. This visit was a significant step in the ongoing efforts to ensure a cohesive and inclusive society for all City of Salisbury residents.