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Salisbury Aware Issue 72 Apr 2024 Article Photos2

Our Big Backyard project comes to City of Salisbury!

It’s no secret that the City of Salisbury is abundant with nature. With its parks, reserves, walking and cycling trails, and the tranquil presence of the Little Para River, it offers ample opportunities for outdoor activities. It’s also no secret that finding the time to enjoy these opportunities while managing the busy demands of daily life can be challenging.

Taking time out with the family to reconnect with nature, whether it’s a whole day or just an hour, can work wonders for overall health and wellbeing. Encouraging local families to do just that, is the sole mission of the Our Big Backyard (OBBY) project, supported by some exceptional young students who have mapped it out to make it easy for everyone.

Students from Riverdale Primary School and Riverview Preschool, have spent the past 18 months passionately crafting 4 unique maps of the City’s best nature spots, designed to encourage people to explore the outdoors, and keep the adventure interesting while doing it. The maps feature checklists and activities for outdoor exploration, along with opportunities to learn Kaurna words and discover fun facts about the area's history and environment.

Guided by their teachers and supported by various experts, the students not only created highly engaging maps, but also contributed to the preservation of the environment by planting 1000 trees along the Little Para River in June 2023.

The maps, which cover local areas including the Boardwalk at Paralowie, the Little Para River (Salisbury Downs), and Woodfield Drive Reserve in Salisbury Downs, are available for free download. If you’re seeking a free, family fun activity that promotes health, education, and connection with nature, download the activity pack and start making some memories outdoors.

The Our Big Backyard project has been a partnership between Riverdale Primary School, Riverview Preschool, Communities for Children, Morella Community Centre, Kuma Kaaru, Green Adelaide and the City of Salisbury.

Join us these school holidays as we explore Woodfield Drive Reserve, you can stir your curiosity on a nature scavenger hunt, discover Murlapaka (shields), enjoy a picnic with your family (BYO) or build a Wardli (shelter) using sticks or fallen branches on the ground. Come along on Friday 19 April as we learn, play and discover Woodfield Reserve, you will also be able to collect your Our Big Backyard activity pack. To register, click here.

Download activity pack