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Out & About

At the Be Active - Find Your Why Wellness Expo held at the Jack Young Centre this past October, those over 50 enjoyed a fulfilling day, exploring all things health and wellbeing. ‘Have-a-go’ sessions, expert connections, and insights from SA Media legend Keith Conlon made it a memorable experience for the community.

LEGO Masters star Trent Cucchiarelli joined the Saturday Sessions LEGO event at Burton Community Hub, guiding young creators in crafting their own masterpieces.

Throughout the year, the City of Salisbury curated diverse seasonal community markets across the City. These thriving events featured a variety of items for sale, from crafts and jewellery to clothing, produce, candles, and more. They also provided a platform for small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their products with personal stalls.

Salisbury’s inaugural pet friendly community fun day at Unity Park was a joyous event, welcoming pets and offering free festivities for our community.

City of Salisbury and Science Collective hosted a captivating Science Fun Day at The Mawson Centre earlier this year in August. Enthusiastic young minds explored engaging STEM activities, interactive science demonstrations, and fascinating experiments, creating a day of discovery.

Salisbury library members were treated to a number of story-telling theatre performances based on popular children’s books including Grug.

This year’s Women’s Feel Good Luncheon celebrated well-being for women 50+, fostering relationships, raising awareness, and providing valuable insights.

For a decade, Bike SA and City of Salisbury’s volunteer leaders have guided over 9,000 cyclists, fostering skills, confidence, and strong friendships on Salisbury’s trails.