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What is Accessible in Salisbury

initial access improvements. The level of initial access, and priority order of the buildings, were recommended by the Salisbury Access Advisory Team, an informal group of residents with disability chaired


: Business Initiatives: NAWMA - transforming waste Salisbury Water Building Services Cemetery Business Development and Transformation Community Experience and Quality Outcomes COVID-10 program delivery

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards Winners 2021

to building relationships between City of Salisbury and the Kaurna and border Aboriginal community. He has also been a valuable cultural and language educator for the community, actively participating

Historical Events

in immigration which in turn led to the building of new homes by the Housing Trust of SA at Salisbury North. The continued development of the munitions factory complex (DSTO) attracted skilled migrants from the UK

New Dwellings and Additions

Development New Dwellings and Additions The building of a new house or dwelling addition will require Development Approval from Council. An application is made by submitting a development application

Medium Density Development

and Design Code, which is the policy document used to guide the growth of Salisbury. The ode seeks: High-quality building design and positive address to the street; Adequate setbacks from property

Minor Domestic Structures

is comprised of both planning consent and provisional building consent. The application may be made for both consents together or separately. Planning consent An application for planning consent

Development Application Fees

for development applications lodged with Council. Waive the hard copy lodgement fee of $83 for residents who lodge applications directly with Council. Reduced the combined planning and building


Services Energy The City of Salisbury's Energy Policy Direction is to reduce overall energy consumption and increase energy efficiency, and to optimise the use of renewable energy. Salisbury aims

Church and John Streets Revitalisation Project

connection to the Salisbury City Centre which includes supermarkets, retail shops, eateries, entertainment venues, banking and community services. It is also an essential public transport route

Outdoor advertising

no conflict with any relevant objectives or principles with the Salisbury Development Plan co-ordination and uniformity with the theme and design of all other advertisements on the subject site or building

City Infrastructure

such as buildings, civil assets, parks and gardens. We support the community by maintaining and improving the public environment for residents, visitors and workers. Field Services Core functions include

Useful Online Resources

and informing its detailed operation is the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016. For further information please refer to the SA Planning Portal. Building Safely Near Powerlines Electricity

Environmental Health: For Business

Services Environmental Health: For Business Building sites Guidelines and regulations on controlling pollution from residential and commercial building sites. Asbestos The legislation and practical

Understanding Disability and Inclusion

of Salisbury on 8406 8222 or via our online form to point out difficulties caused by lack of access in Council buildings, footpaths, parks and services. By contacting Council, you can find out more about

Tourism and Visitor Strategy

aligned to the City of Salisbury Living City Identity brand, the Building City Pride Strategy and the new City Plan 2030 and will focus on achieving the following aims: Increasing city pride throughout

Community Action

Services Community Action What Can We Do? The City of Salisbury prides itself on its presentation and its importance in encouraging a community full of drive, commitment and spirit. Sustainability

Industrial/Commercial development

the Planning and Design Code. The Code sets out policies, rules and classifications which may be selected and applied in various parts of the State for the purpose of development assessment. Building

My Salisbury Water account

into account the costs associated with building, operating and renewing the infrastructure required to capture, treat and distribute Salisbury Water to its customers. There are currently two charges relating

Retail development

. Building consent The application for building consent is assessed against the technical requirements of the Building Code of Australia and other relevant standards to ensure compliance with the Building