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21122021 Minutes Council Assessment Panel

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– Dwelling 1 19 July 2021 SA Building Designers 2052 Sheet 2 Elevations – Dwelling 1 19 July 2021 SA Building Designers City of Salisbury Page 3 Council Assessment Panel Minutes - 21 December 2021 Minutes

Edition 37 Salisbury Aware Autumn 2012

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between Guerin Street and Spains Road. Parks and Landscape Salisbury Oval – fence improvements. Building Works Salisbury Oval – kitchen upgrade. Jack Young Centre – design of café upgrade. Salisbury Downs

18 11 2019 agenda and reports works and services committee

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Buildings - Salisbury Community Hub .............. 35 Public Works 2.6.1 Capital Works Report - October 2019 ................................................................... 37 OTHER BUSINESS Page 2

21062022 Minutes Community Wellbeing and Sport Committee

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Equestrian Centre, Corner of Ryans and Whites Road, Globe Derby Park contingent on approval of variation of Development Application, by the City of Salisbury Building Team. CARRIED 5.1.3 Minor Capital Works

Final web discover salisbury issue 10 2020

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and tell us what is in the picture? � What is the name of the Pokémon located in the front window of our building? 12 Discover Salisbury Go to to fill out the answers on the sheet

FINAL WEB Discover Salisbury Issue 10 2020

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and tell us what is in the picture? � What is the name of the Pokémon located in the front window of our building? 12 Discover Salisbury Go to to fill out the answers on the sheet

19 02 2018 agenda and reports works and services committee

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Committee Agenda - 19 February 2018 City of Salisbury Item 2.6.1 ITEM 2.6.1 Amendment to Budget PR23921 Salisbury Oval Building Renewal In alignment with the Salisbury Oval Precinct Master Plan, work
Council Salisbury Community Hub 2


functions: Business Initiatives: NAWMA - transforming waste Salisbury Water Building Services Cemetery Business Development and Transformation Community Experience and Quality Outcomes COVID-10 program

27092021 Minutes Council Meeting

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allocations: Property & Buildings PR26231 Salisbury United Season Relocation Expenses $17,800 6. Approves the 2021/22 Budget be adjusted to remove the second instalment payment of Local Roads and Community

20022023 Agenda and Reports Urban Services Committee

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Services Committee Agenda - 20 February 2023 City of Salisbury Minutes of the Urban Services Committee Meeting 23/01/2023 OTHER BUSINESS US-MWON1 Motion Without Notice: Upgrade of Building Facilities

2016 agenda and reports program review committee

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Management Review (PAMMR) in 2012 created City Infrastructure, of which Property and Building Services is a Division. City of Salisbury Page 7 Program Review Sub Committee Agenda 15 March 2016 Item PRSC1

17 10 2016 agenda and reports resources and governance committee

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considered its Building Inspection Policy in 2012. The review of the Policy has been pending the program review of the Development Services Division and organisational changes. City of Salisbury Page 25

Scc implementation strategy final

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Building This building needs to provide Salisbury City Centre with a visually prominent landmark building with a significant number of storeys (i.e. greater than 4 floors). The opportunity exists

Innovation and Business Development Committee Terms of Reference

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, and overseeing the following functions: • Business Initiatives o NAWMA o Transforming waste o Salisbury Water o Building Services o Cemetery • Business Development & Transformation • Community Experience

23082021 Minutes Council Meeting

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the information. 3.1.1 Building Fire Safety Committee Appointment That Council: 1. Adopts the amended City of Salisbury Building Fire Safety Committee Terms of Reference contained in Attachment 1

Final salisbury seniors magazine issue 20 nov20

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that City of Salisbury has been recognised as a World Health Organisation Age Friendly City since 2015? An Age Friendly City means that all aspects of a city including its buildings, streets, social

19 08 2019 agenda and reports policy and planning committee

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. A report be brought back to council regarding heritage listed buildings in Salisbury. 2. The report identify a process to look at any other buildings or property in Salisbury that could be placed

Community Recreation Facilities Sponsorship Policy

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Officer: Manager, Property and Buildings A - PREAMBLE 1. The City of Salisbury owns and maintains a large number of community recreation facilities. These facilities are public assets that are accessed

25 06 2018 agenda and reports council meeting updated 25 06 2018

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installing charging stations in the Salisbury CBD and Council-owned buildings”. COMMITTEE RECOMMENDATION: That: 1. That the attached report be noted. 2. That it is feasible to provide smartphone charging

22082022 Minutes Council Meeting

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Council Minutes 22 August 2022 City of Salisbury 5. Authorises the Manager Property and Buildings to, in the event that no objections following the public consultation process are received by Council