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Community Recreation Facilities Sponsorship Policy

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Officer: Manager, Property and Buildings A - PREAMBLE 1. The City of Salisbury owns and maintains a large number of community recreation facilities. These facilities are public assets that are accessed
Council Grants Australia Day Citizen 2021

The Australia Day Citizen of the Year Awards Winners 2021

to building relationships between City of Salisbury and the Kaurna and border Aboriginal community. He has also been a valuable cultural and language educator for the community, actively participating

22082022 Minutes Council Meeting

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Council Minutes 22 August 2022 City of Salisbury 5. Authorises the Manager Property and Buildings to, in the event that no objections following the public consultation process are received by Council

21 12 2020 agenda and reports council meeting

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Page 14 2. Include the data and communications storeroom at Jack Young Centre, Salisbury, the within the 2020/21 Building Renewal Program, with no impact to the budget. 3. Remove Noack Reserve

Current terms of reference innovation and business development committee endorsed by council 27 09 2021

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of the Committee will be held in the Council Offices at 34 Church Street, Salisbury, in the Council/Committee Rooms. Meetings will occur on such dates and times as set out in the attached Special Term 3

16082021 Agenda and Reports Governance and Compliance Committee

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Building Fire Safety Committee Terms of Reference contained in Attachment 1 to this report (Governance and Compliance 16/08/2021, Item No. 3.1.1). 2. Appoints Mr Paul Peters (City of Salisbury staff member

14 12 2020 agenda and reports governance and compliance committee

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for the Council Assessment Panel is changed from 31 May 2021 to: �� Presiding Member $500 per meeting �� Independent and Elected Member $400 per meeting 7. That Council establishes the City of Salisbury Building

2018 minutes council assessment panel 4020981

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by Council 6 September 2018) Building 6 - Plans 13.06.2018 PACT Page 6 Council Assessment Panel Minutes 25 September 2018 City of Salisbury Minutes - Council Assessment Panel Meeting - 25 September 2018

2017 agenda and reports council meeting

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that the current Council building needs to be sold so that the current library site will be freed up for 6 level development? A response cannot be provided on behalf of the Salisbury Business Association

Charges for Use of Council Land for Business Purposes Policy

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Date: May 2022 Internal Reference No.: N/A Department: City Infrastructure Division: Property & Buildings Function: 16 – Property Management Responsible Officer: Manager Property & Buildings

19 04 2021 minutes urban services committee

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to the drip line of the roof to be funded within the existing buildings budget. City of Salisbury Page 5 Urban Services Committee Minutes - 19 April 2021 Minutes - Urban Services Committee Meeting - 19

15 11 2016 agenda and reports audit committee of council filed in this folder in error

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. It was confirmed that Fire Wardens and First Aid Officers had been briefed. A building assessment was scheduled to be undertaken on key City of Salisbury buildings before staff attended work on 29 September 2016

Edition 47 Salisbury Aware Winter 2015

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World Games Former PM Headed for Salisbury Excitement is building for the 2015 Salisbury Writers’ Festival Who Will Be King of the Castle? The next stage of the St Kilda Playground Renewal is about

Edition 43 Salisbury Aware Autumn 2014

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event included the formal raising of the Aboriginal flag by Frank Wanganeen and Salisbury Mayor Gillian Aldridge. The flag will remain on display in front of Council’s James Street building

13 02 2018 agenda and reports strategic and international partnerships sub committee

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to build strategic civic building partnerships with communities across Australia (such as indigenous communities, and intercultural communities) to enhance understanding. City of Salisbury Page 7

21 01 2019 agenda and reports budget and finance committee

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) �� �� �� Business Units report on current year and overview of Budget 2019/20 Update from first budget workshop Budget Bids Report Council has three business units: Salisbury Memorial Park, Building Rules

2019 agenda and reports innovation and business development sub committee 4190887

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Salisbury Institute building. 2. COMMUNITY CENTRES BACKGROUND TO LATEST SERVICE DEVELOPMENTS 2.1 A broad overview and categorisation of the services delivered is: �� Early literacy intervention, family

14 03 2018 agenda and reports strategic and international partnerships sub committee

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SIPSC4 - Attachment 1 - Civic Building Partnership Business Case SIPSC4 Civic Building Partnership Business Case City of Salisbury Page 23 Strategic and International Partnerships Sub Committee Agenda

2602024 Minutes Council Meeting

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That Council: 1. Notes the report. CARRIED 0597/2024 For Decision 3.1.1 Building Fire Safety Committee Appointments Moved Cr P Jensen Seconded Cr S McKell That Council: 1. Adopts the City of Salisbury

23082021 Agenda and Reports Council Meeting

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Committee That Council: 1. Receives and notes the information. 3.1.1 Building Fire Safety Committee Appointment That Council: 1. Adopts the amended City of Salisbury Building Fire Safety Committee Terms