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The Collection


The collection covers a wide range of historical, biographical and factual information, ranging from Salisbury (South Australia) to general Australian history.

Cemetery records for Salisbury

Providing a missing link in a family tree.


  • Salisbury-Elizabeth Times
  • Messenger News Review
  • Para Gazette

Please note that collection dates may vary.

Oral histories

Listen to people tell their stories about Salisbury's past.

Please note that such histories may need to be requested to adhere to any collection requirements and retrieval of the recording device in storage.


Are you looking for a photo of one of your ancestors, or an historical building or house associated with Salisbury? Our Local History collection has hundreds of photographs from the Salisbury district that can be copied at a cost, if copyright permits.

Business records

Records from, or about local groups and business: These records show the development of business in Salisbury. Please note not all Council Records are available.

Council information and leaflets

Salisbury Local History is a repository for Council information and leaflets, past and present. These items can provide a valuable insight to Council activities and community values.

Council Records

These provide a wealth of information on the development of Salisbury and the district.

Historical items and artefacts

The library has a selection of historical items and artefacts, some of which are on display. Others can be viewed in our photographic collection. Come in and have a look at these and other curious items.


Donations of printed materials, photographs, film and video etc. relating to Salisbury (its people, places and events) are welcome. Please contact the Local History Officer on 8406 8207.

Visits and Talks

Schools and other organizations are welcome or the Local History Officer will visit your location. . These can be run jointly with the Salisbury and District Historical Society, which may include visits to local cemeteries and museums. Topics for talks include general history of Salisbury or more specific topics of interest.

Books for sale

If you wish to order books on the history of Salisbury please contact the Salisbury and District Historical Society.