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Community Development

General Manager: Amy Pokoney Cramey

The Community Development Department exists to support our community - now and in the future. The Community Development Department works closely with our community (through sporting groups, aged care, library programs to name a few), and is also responsible for creating strategic plans and policies to ensure we are meeting the future needs of our diverse community. The Community Development Department has four Divisions: Community Capacity & Learning, Community Planning, Community Health & Wellbeing and Community Experience.

Community Capacity and Learning (CC&L) Division

The CC&L Division manage all of Council's Libraries and Community Centres, Home and Community Services and Youth Services (including Youth Council).

Community Planning (CP) Division

The Community Planning Division undertakes strategy development, planning and service delivery across a broad range of social and recreation areas, including: community safety, homelessness, public health planning, Reconciliation, Community Bus Service, Bridgestone Athletics Centre, Salisbury Memorial Park, Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network, Growing for Gold program, and Minor Capital Works Grant Program.

Community Health & Wellbeing (CH&W) Division

The CH&W Division supports our community through Aged Care Services and Centres, Salisbury Home Assist Service, Housing Support Services, Social Participation and Diversity, Volunteer Engagement and Disability and Access Inclusion Programs.

Community Experience Division

The Community Experience staff answer all your questions and to support you find any information you need. The Community Experience Team are available via phone (8406 8222, email: or online).