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Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network

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Welcoming community sport and recreation providers

The Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network and Northern Sport & Recreation Network welcome community sport and recreation providers

The Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network was established as part of the City of Salisbury’s Sports Development Framework. The Network enables us to build strategic and sustainable partnerships that support the growth and development of local sport in Salisbury providing opportunities for people of all ages, abilities and interests to participate in sport.

This program is unique and innovative to local government and will enhance the City of Salisbury’s investment in community sport.

A key component of the network will be to work collaboratively across both sporting and non-sporting communities to build stronger, healthier and more active communities that work together through sport.

Our upcoming workshops

How to start inclusion

Monday 22 August 2022

Northern Sound System, 73 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth


Being an inclusive club means being a welcoming and friendly club and making people with diverse backgrounds, experiences, characteristics and attributes feel invited, valued and an integral part of your club. Come along to the How to start inclusion workshop where you will hear from Welcoming Clubs and Active inclusion SA.

Topics include:

• How to effectively communicate with new arrivals and multicultural communities.

• What small changes can clubs make to be welcoming to new arrivals and multicultural communities

• How to start inclusion (interactive workshop)

• Topics could include gender diversity, accessibility, common themes etc.

Register Here

Network benefit

E-News update

A quarterly newsletter providing relevant and important updates to sport and recreation providers including funding, workshops, training and development opportunities and best practice ideas.

Quarterly network forums

Sport and Recreation Network members will be invited to attend a quarterly forum to hear on different topics arising in the sport and recreation industry as well as an opportunity to network and discuss key issues with key stakeholders in the Salisbury sport and recreation community.

Community sport and recreation programs

Network members will be provided with the exclusive opportunity to participate in key community sport and recreation programs in Salisbury including Growing For Gold and other programs as they are developed.


City of Salisbury will provide opportunities for network members to expand their profile in the community through:

  • Sport and Recreation fact sheets
  • City of Salisbury community events and publications.

How to become a member

Who can join?

Local sport and recreation clubs who have a current lease or licence on council reserves/ facilities (excluding City of Salisbury Recreation Centres) are automatic members of the Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network.

All other sport and recreation providers are welcome to join the Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network.

Simply complete the subscription form here

Upcoming events

The Salisbury Sport and Recreation Network and Northern Sport and Recreation Network forums are an opportunity for local sporting clubs to come along and hear about up-to-date issues in the sporting community, hear from guest speakers and current programs and services available at Council.

There will be opportunities for local sport and recreation club volunteers to participate in registered training, workshops, and development sessions. Stay up-to-date through the City of Salisbury Sport and Recreation network newsletter or through the City of Salisbury Facebook page.

Further information

Please contact the Community Planner: Sport & Recreation on 8406 8222 or email

Past events

The Northern Sport and Recreation Network has held forums in March, June and November 2019, which provided clubs with a Back to Basics Bootcamp, Supporting Diverse and Inclusion Clubs and Creating Positive Club Culture.

Previous Salisbury Sport & Recreation Network Forums have included topics such as:

  • Club administration
  • Club governance
  • Grant information and grant writing
  • Seeking sponsorship
  • Social media
  • Smoke free sport policies
  • Energy and lighting assets
  • Developing athletes through coaching and nutrition

We thank the presenters and guest speakers that have been a part of the previous forums including:

  • Mark Bickley, AFL
  • Nat von Bertouch, Netball
  • Jeff Dry - Associate Director, 180 Sport & Leisure Solutions
  • Michael Pavlovich - Technical Officer - Energy & Lighting Assets, City of Salisbury
  • Scott Hockenhull - Commercial and Sponsorship Manager, Football Federation SA
  • James Fantasia - CEO, Norwood Football Club
  • Marius Zanin - (previous) Media and Communications Manager, Adelaide United
  • Tyson Roling - Sport & Recreation Officer, City of Playford
  • Manal Younus
  • Renee Singh, Intercultural Connections
  • John Cranwell - CEO, Inclusive Sport SA
  • Daniel Healy - Leading Teams
  • Callan McKinnon - Rise Above Adversity