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Development Council Capital Works

City Infrastructure

General Manager: John Devine

The City Infrastructure Department is the provider of capital projects and maintenance services to the city for all of Council’s assets such as buildings, civil assets, parks and gardens. We support the community by maintaining and improving the public environment for residents, visitors and workers.

Field Services

Core functions include:

  • Road maintenance
  • Drainage maintenance
  • Civil maintenance
  • Footpath maintenance
  • Litter collection
  • Line marking
  • Street and reserve signage
  • Open space maintenance
  • Gullies and biodiversity
  • Tree maintenance
  • Turf and irrigation management
  • Reserve maintenance
  • Sportsground maintenance
  • Pest and weed control
  • Verge maintenance
  • Wetlands maintenance
  • Feature landscape maintenance
  • Park, street furniture and urban elements
  • St Kilda Mangrove Trail
  • Playgrounds
  • Footbridge maintenance
  • Cemetery maintenance
  • Mawson Lakes maintenance
  • Workshop Fleet

Infrastructure Delivery

Core functions include:

  • Civil design and construction (roads, traffic, drainage)
  • Landscape design and construction (playgrounds, landscaping)
  • Building design and construction
  • Road resurfacing
  • Survey
  • Project support

Property, Buildings and Business Support

Core functions include:

  • Property acquisitions and disposals
  • Property leasing and rentals
  • Easements and encumbrances
  • Property policies and services
  • Asset management (buildings)
  • Building maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Security
  • Business support/administration
  • Store

Infrastructure Management

Core functions include:

  • Capital works program development
  • Asset strategy
  • Asset management civil and transportation, traffic management
  • Asset management parks and open space
  • Asset management lighting and electrical
  • Strategic asset systems management
  • Strategic infrastructure planning, strategy and development