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Council Plans Documents Reports Policies 01

Business Excellence

General Manager: Charles Mansueto

Budget and Management Accounting

Core functions include:

  • budgeting
  • management accounting and reporting
  • business plan support and performance reporting
  • treasury
  • grants and subsidy administration
  • rating and property database maintenance

Communications and Customer Relations

The Marketing and Customer Relations Division manages the public face of the City of Salisbury. The role of the Marketing group is to promote the City as a place to live, work and visit, and to keep residents informed about Council services and programs. The Customer Centre provides a centre point of contact for the community and aims to assist customers to conduct their business with Council in the most efficient manner. The Marketing and Customer Relations Division also includes a dedicated Community Engagement Officer whose role is to ensure Council consults effectively with residents on the wide range of services and programs it provides.

Core functions include:

  • publications management
  • media liaison
  • advertising and promotion
  • website and social media
  • market research
  • customer care
  • community engagement
  • major events

Information Services

The Information Services Division provides support for users of the corporate systems and computing network within the organisation.

Core functions include:

  • information systems strategy
  • network management
  • application/system support
  • geographical information systems (GIS)
  • telecommunications
  • corporate records

Revenue and Finance

Core functions include:

  • financial accounting
  • debtors
  • asset register

Contracts and Procurement

Core functions include:

  • provides policy, guidance and assistance for all Council procurement
  • actively encourage strategic business relationships to deliver best value for money
  • provides probity guidance and ensures accountability to rate payers
  • audits procurement activities and monitors compliance with procedures
  • ensures appropriate risk management processes
  • provides training in the use of purchasing tools and wider procurement skills

Assets and Projects

The Asset and Project Accounting Division is responsible for accounting for Council's large stock of infrastructure assets (including depreciation, revaluation and policy development), the oversight of the Accounts Payable section of Council and the provision of financial support for the Salisbury Water Business Unit and other special projects.

Core functions include:

  • asset accounting
  • purchasing of assets
  • offering internal financial assistance
  • assistance with financial projects
  • accounts payable

Water Systems

The City of Salisbury has pioneered an approach to the better use of stormwater that demonstrates the potential of Local Government to contribute to this, a major public policy issue.

Core functions include:

  • project management of the design, construction and maintenance of water recycling services

People and Culture

The People and Culture Division develops and implements support systems to assist both managers and employees.

Core functions include:

  • developing employment conditions
  • maintaining statutory compliance with Government regulations (e.g. industrial relations)
  • control, information collection, analysis of performance benchmarks and trends
  • planning and policy development
  • employee services
  • Occupational Health Safety and Welfare

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