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City Development

General Manager: Michelle English

Development Services

Development Services is primarily responsible for:

  • The provision of various statutory services, principally under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 as they relate to the assessment of development within the City.
  • Providing section 7 certificates under the Land and Business (Sale and Conveyancing) Act 1994.
  • Managing council’s corporate signs program.
  • Providing building rules certification services to private clients.
  • The coordination of donated assets to council requirements from private development.

Strategic Development Projects

Strategic Development Projects is primarily responsible for:

  • Property development projects on surplus Council land.
  • Development of project feasibility.

Economic Development and Urban Policy

The Economic Development & Urban Policy Division is responsible for supporting businesses to start and grow, creating an environment that attracts investment, advocating for Council’s priorities, strategic land planning and development of Council’s City Plan.

Operating out of the Polaris Centre in Mawson Lakes, the critical actions from Council’s City Plan that the Division has a lead or supporting role include:

  • Progress the revitalisation of the Salisbury City Centre.
  • Deliver a new community hub in the Salisbury City Centre... to stimulate investment opportunities.
  • Unlock opportunities arising from the construction of the Northern Connector.
  • Maximise future urban development opportunities at the Dry Creek Salt Pans.
  • Reposition and further develop Technology Park to be the centre for innovation-led economic growth in northern Adelaide, in conjunction with the UniSA Campus.
  • Enhance the Polaris Centre’s ability to support industry development (including food processing and green industries), international trade, entrepreneurship and engage meaningfully with business.
  • Planning for adaptation to future changes in climate.
  • Promote a positive image of Salisbury to attract investment, visitors and tourists.
  • Further our reputation as a business friendly Council by reforming our processes and how we work with business in the city.
  • Better use our data and the research of others to support evidence-based decision-making and policy.

Environmental Health and Community Compliance

Environmental Health and Community Compliance Division is responsible for services and statutory functions under the SA Public Health Act, Food Act, Supported Residential Facilities Act, Environment Protection Act, Dog and Cat Management Act, Local Government Act and Local By-Laws, parking control under the Australian Road Rules, Burning Policy under the Environmental Protection Act, Local Nuisance and Litter Control Act and Fire and Emergency Services Act.

Core functions include:

  • inspection and monitoring of premises used for the storage, preparation and sale of food for human consumption
  • immunisation services
  • environmental health
  • dog registrations
  • monitoring, collecting and impounding stray dogs
  • enforcement of car parking controls
  • local nuisances associated with animals, noise, smoke or odours
  • littering
  • inflammable undergrowth control
  • burning permits