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Minor Capital Works Grant Program

Please note that due to the upcoming Council election, the City of Salisbury is unable to accept or approve any grants from September 2022 - November 2022.

The City of Salisbury, through its Minor Capital Works Grant Program (MCWGP) aims to assist clubs that provide sport, recreation and leisure opportunities to the Salisbury community to undertake facility improvements.

The purpose of the program is to provide opportunities to improve Council or club owned recreation assets and facilities in order to increase community participation in sport and recreation and enhance the club viability.

The MCWGP aims to deliver outcomes in alignment with the Salisbury City Plan 2035. By applying for eligible projects you are helping Salisbury to achieve the vision of “Council's commitment to develop a welcoming and livable City.”

Essential Information

The MCWGP is open to all community organisations that meet all of the following criteria:

  • are an incorporated not-for-profit organisation under the Associations Incorporation Act 1985;
  • be a recreation or sporting group and/or be a community-based incorporated organisation whose role is to manage recreation and sport facilities;
  • are physically located and actively participate/compete in the City of Salisbury;
  • provide sporting, recreation and leisure services to the City of Salisbury;
  • are significantly free of Council debt;
  • do not have outstanding funding from previously awarded MCWGP grants;
  • have not received MCWGP funding in the past 24 months;
  • have been operating for longer than 12 months;
  • have completed all relevant sections of the application form; and
  • have supplied all essential documentation.

There are two categories of funding available to eligible applicants:

CATEGORY A – up to $50,000

Clubs that meet one of the following may apply for CATEGORY A funding:

  • have a current lease or sub-lease of a Council owned building; or
  • licence or sub-license over Council owned land; or
  • have a current hire agreement to use Council managed facilities such as an indoor recreation centre or community centre; or
  • operate from facilities located on land where the City of Salisbury maintains a contracted interest to purchase that land.

CATEGORY B – up to $25,000

Not-for-profit associations that own their own facilities that are used to deliver sport and recreation outcomes to the community may apply for CATEGORY B funding.

The grants program is open to applications throughout the year with projects awarded monthly.

Guide to Submitting an Application for the MCWGP

Review the Program Guidelines and Eligibility

Download the Program Guidelines and Eligibility Criteria Booklet Here

Contact the Community Planner: Sport & Recreation

Before commencing your application please contact the Community Planner: Sport & Recreation on 8406 8222 or who will:

  • assess the eligibility of your project;
  • book a site assessment with you;
  • assist in developing a scope of works for seeking quotations;
  • advise you of the MCWGP application process and timelines; and
  • advise you of potential trades people for quotations.

Complete an Application Form

Application Forms must be submitted via the following Online Application Form by the 15th of each month:

Online MCWGP Application Form

A Project Budget will need to be completed, uploaded, and submitted with your application:

MCWGP Project Budget

Alternatively, Applications can be submitted by downloading and completing the Hard Copy Application Form and submitting through the following channels:


Post: Minor Capital Works Grants Program

City of Salisbury

PO Box 8

Salisbury SA 5108

Download Hard Copy MCWGP Application Form

Assessment by Sport, Recreation and Grants Committee

Complete and eligible applications will be assessed by the Community Wellbeing and Sport Committee at the next monthly meeting. Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application.

For more information, please contact the Community Planner: Sport & Recreation on 8406 8222 or via

Essential Documents

MCWGP Guidelines & Eligibility Criteria Booklet

MCWGP Online Application Form

MCWGP Project Budget Template

MCWGP Hard Copy Application Form