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Jack Young Centre (JYC)

Opening Hours

The Jack Young Centre (JYC) is a friendly, welcoming and accessible leisure centre for older people. The purpose-built facilities are fully accessible, offering a unique blend of programs, activities and services.

Getting there

The Jack Young Centre is two-minute walk from the Salisbury Interchange. A number of bus and train routes service this Interchange. A car park is available for Members' use. For details about public transport services and current timetables please visit the Adelaide Metro website.

Weekly program

Many of the social support groups have recommenced at the Jack Young Centre and the Para Hills Seniors Centre.

A list of the groups and programs can be found in the weekly program below. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you would like to know more about any particular group or program.

View the Jack Young Centre and Pine Lakes weekly program

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Meals at the Jack Young Centre

Jack's Café at the Jack Young Centre has a positive reputation for providing freshly prepared nutritious, affordable and tasty meals including traditional home-cooked style meals, soups and desserts.

We are currently providing dine-in, take-away and frozen meals Monday to Friday. See details below.


Our dine-in service is available from 12noon to 1pm daily Monday to Friday.

Please pre-order and pre-book between 8.30am to 11.30am daily by calling 8406 8525.

View the dine-in menu here or check out the monthly specials below.


Fresh meals are available Monday to Friday for take-away and can be pre-ordered using the dine-in menu or specials below.

July specials

1 to 5 July 8 to 12 July 15 to 19 July 22 to 26 July 29 July to 2 August
Soup - Pumpkin Soup - Potato and Leek Soup - Chicken Noodle Soup - Cream of Chicken Soup - Broccoli, Spinach & Potato
Meatloaf Lamb, Spinach and Potato Curry Apricot Chicken Corned Beef Hash Cakes Lambs Fry and Bacon
Butter Chicken Beef Stroganoff Michelle’s Pie Floater Chicken breast with avocado sauce ** Lamb & Butterbean casserole
Roast Beef Rolled Roast Chicken Roast Corned Beef Roast Pork Roast Beef
* Meal is not suitable for freezing. ** Meal is not available in small size. Call 8406 8525 for the weekly dessert special.

For same-day pickup, please call the Jack Young Centre before 11.30am and collect between 12.30pm to 2pm.

  • When collecting, please observe social distancing and good hygiene guidelines.
  • For all orders or enquiries call 8406 8525.

Frozen meals (Monday to Friday)

  • Drop-in and select frozen meals between 10am and 2pm on weekdays
    * Salisbury Senior Members or vulnerable members of the public aged 65+ or a representative can drop in to pick up and choose from a wide variety of frozen meals.
    * Please bring a membership card or Seniors Card to assist us with identification.
  • Pre-order up to a weeks’ worth of frozen meals by calling JYC. These can be collected later in the week during pick up times or you can call the centre to organise an alternate pick up time.
  • When collecting meals, please observe social distancing and good hygiene guidelines.
  • For all pre-orders or enquiries call 8406 8525.

Cost and payments

  • Cost of all dine-in meals are $8 for subsidised customers with My Aged Care referral and $10 for non-subsidised. Soups and desserts are $3.50 each. 50c container fee applies for take-away.
  • If possible, please bring the correct change or use our credit card tap and go service.


Seniors Centre Membership gives you access to three senior centres and our communal garden.

  • Jack Young Centre - 2 Orange Ave, Salisbury
  • Para Hills Seniors Centre (located within Para Hills Community Hub) - 22 Wilkinson Rd, Para Hills
  • Pine Lakes Centre - 16 Homestead Place, Parafield Gardens
  • Burton Communal Garden (located within Burton Community Hub) - 380 Waterloo Corner Road, Burton

You can visit the centre and try the activities before deciding to become a member. First session is free.

Any members aged 65+ and registered with My Aged Care can access subsidised meals and activities.

The membership period aligns with the financial year July - June each year and a yearly membership fee ($12) applies to those who attend programs at the centre.

Participants also pay a weekly participant fee of $3-$10 depending on the program.

The centre is set-up for independent people. People requiring support / assistance to attend a group or use the facilities of the centre will need to be supported by a carer or support person. Agency workers referring a client to the centre need to liaise with the Coordinator Wellbeing Programs on 8406 8251 as early as possible as there is a set referral process.

People who are not members can still access fresh take-away meals and/or frozen meals at Jack's Café.

Other services for seniors

Staff can also give you information about help at home through Home Assist and the Housing Support Program.

For more information, go to the Home Assist page or the Housing Support Program page or call the team on 8406 8225.


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