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Dogs Wandering at Large

If you have a concern with a dog that is wandering at large, or have you found a dog, please call the City of Salisbury on (08) 8406 8222 at all times and our staff can assist.

Council services vary depending on category of concern and the day and the time of your call, with different services offered at different times during weekdays after hours and weekends.

Please refer to the tables below for details of the service levels offered by Council:

The level of service provided by the City of Salisbury seeks to provide the appropriate level of customer service to protect the health and safety of the community, based upon an assessment of risk, whilst giving due consideration to the ability to resource the service.

Factors considered by Council in setting our service level included an assessment of risk posed by a dog wandering at large, matching resources to times of peak demand, and the likelihood of being able to locate and contain a dog at different times of the day.

However, the over-riding consideration is maintaining public safety.

What happens when Council responds to a report of a dog wandering at large?

Council staff will:

  • check the last known location of the dog
  • search in the vicinity of the last known location
  • when caught or collected we will check the dog for identification, including a registration tag or microchip.

If identified we will:

  • contact the owners
  • if owner is home the dog is taken straight home
  • if the owner is not home or not able to be contacted, a seizure notice is left at their home and dog is impounded
  • if owner is not known, the dog is impounded.

When impounded:

  • the dog is placed on our impound register
  • a photo is placed on our Impounded Dogs page
  • the dog is held for 72 hours
  • if not collected it is taken to the Animal Welfare League at Wingfield

For more information on impounded dogs please visit the Impounded Dogs page