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Festive Season Dog Safety Tips

With a little bit of planning and preparation, you and your pet can have a fun and safe festive season.

Secure your yard

Secure fences, lock gates and ensure there aren’t any items that will allow your pet to climb over the fence. Also check the condition of screen doors, window screens and latches.


Many dogs don’t like fireworks and can be frightened to the point of climbing out of yards or crashing through screen doors. Please consider placing your dog(s) inside and in a safe space, especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Lowering blinds and closing curtains to remove visual stimulation can also assist.


Parties see an increased number of people in our neighbourhoods and increased noise levels, which can frighten dogs enough to climb out of yards. Please consider placing your dog(s) inside and in a safe space during the festive season when you are aware of parties and especially on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.

Doorbell Blues

Even the most social pets can become stressed out by a sudden influx of party goers. Know your dog’s limitations and provide a safe, quiet space for them to retreat if you are entertaining. Take care that your dogs don’t try to make a break for the door or gates while you’re greeting guests.

ID Check

If your dog happens to get out, then proper identification can help ensure they’re quickly returned home. Make sure your pet is wearing a Dog Collar, Council registration tag and an up-to-date ID tag with your contact details.


If you are away for short periods, leave familiar noises on such as radio or TV. If you will not be home overnight consider a boarding kennel or sending your dog to a friend or family member’s home.

For more information please visit the Dog and Cat Board website.