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Don't Let Your Dog Roam

Being a responsible dog owner starts with you, Don’t let your dog roam, secure your home

Don’t Let Your Dog Roam

Roaming dogs that have escaped from homes and back yards are a big concern to Council. Roaming dogs can be injured or killed, and can also attack other animals or people.

Dogs commonly escape through the following areas:

  • Through open front doors
  • Through unsecured screen doors or windows
  • Unlocked gates
  • Through open roller doors
  • Loose fence sheets
  • Jumping or climbing over fences
  • Digging under fences

Dogs are also more likely to escape during storms and thunder and when fireworks occur.

Secure Your Home

Council would like all dog owners to take steps to secure their homes to prevent their dogs from escaping and roaming.

Steps can include:

  • Keeps front doors closed
  • Secure screen doors and window screens
  • Lock gates and/or secure latches
  • When opening roller doors keep your dog secure
  • Repair and maintain fences
  • Check fence lines for evidence of digging
  • Remove items from fences such as bins and boxes that may enable dogs to climb over
  • Provide a secure enclosure in the rear yard for your dog to prevent access to gates/fences
  • Keep your dog indoors when storms and thunder are predicted
  • Keep your dog indoors if fireworks displays are likely to occur during festive seasons and special events

Avoid the Consequences

  • If dogs escape the consequences can be very serious and costly.
  • A roaming dog is deemed to be wandering at large and can result in a fine of $210, with a maximum penalty of $750 plus seizure fees
  • If your dog attacks or harasses it can result in a fine of $315, with a maximum penalty of $2500
  • If your dog injures or kills a person or animal you may also face civil action and be liable to compensation claims
  • If your dog attacks and is deemed dangerous you may receive a dog control order
  • Your dog could be injured or killed by vehicles if wandering at large

So please remember to take some simple steps to keep your dog safe and secure and undertake a regular check of your surroundings

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