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Number of dogs on a property

Residents cannot keep more than one (1) dog in a small dwelling. A small dwelling is commonly known as a flat, home unit or similar.

In any other dwelling, residents cannot keep any more than two (2) dogs, without a written exemption by Council.

Residents should not bring their extra dogs onto their premises until their exemption is approved.

In the case where 3 or 4 dogs have already been on the premises for some time before an application is made we will allow those dogs to remain if the application is made immediately.

If an application is unsuccessful, the resident will be required to remove any more than two dogs once the refusal is received by them.

Council enforces By-Law 5 – Dogs. Penalties also apply to persons that keep more than the allowed number of dogs without permission - Expiation Fee $100. If a resident keeps 3 or 4 dogs on a property then they will need to fill out an application and put it to Council:

Council Procedure

  • Applicant must have individually registered two dogs that are kept on the property prior to the application being submitted. If dogs are under 12 weeks the applicant has the option to wait until they reach 12 weeks before registering them.
  • Council will attempt to make contact with the surrounding neighbours on the applicants behalf.
  • The applicant lodges the application form with Council along with a payment of $62. This payment is a one off payment for the life of the exemption and basically is payment for the clerical duties and time of the officer involved with the process.
  • The relevant inspector for the area will call at the property and if satisfied with the provisions for keeping extra dogs will approve the application.
  • Where an application is refused the application fee is forfeited.
  • A letter of approval is sent to the applicant.

Exemptions can be withdrawn at any time if any problems arise with the dogs.

Where application has been refused and dogs have been registered applicant would need to transfer registration into a new name or into a new Council.

Where an exemption has been approved for 3 dogs and a resident is looking to have 4 dogs they will have to go through the same approval process.