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Walking and Exercising Your Dog

The City of Salisbury has many parks and reserves where dogs can only be walked on leash between 8.00am and 6.30pm, however the same parks and reserves are also available for off leash activity between 6.30pm to 8.00am if the dogs are able to obey commands and remain under effective control whilst off leash.

Please remember it is required that you keep your dog(s) on leash on all streets and footpaths for the safety of all (including your dogs).

The City of Salisbury has several Dog Friendly Parks where dogs can be exercised off leash during the day. Please check for any park rules or notices when entering these spaces and ensure your dog plays in a positive way with other dogs in the area.

There are also dog 'NO GO' areas where dogs are not permitted so people can attend these areas free from any dog interactions. The Dog Free areas in the City of Salisbury include:

Fenced Playgrounds - the entire area within the fence is dog free.

St Kilda Adventure Play Area - signs at this location identify exactly where dogs can and cannot be walked.

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