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16102023 Minutes Urban Services Committee

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Playspaces (Fully fenced) • Bean Park Pooraka • Canterbury Drive Reserve Salisbury Heights • Lake Windemere Salisbury North • Happy Home Reserve Salisbury North (near swimming centre) • Kentish Green

2016 agenda and reports council meeting 3351903

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Council Agenda - 26 September 2016 City of Salisbury Minutes of the Council Meeting 22/08/2016 GENERAL BUSINESS GB1 Salisbury Recreation Precinct Swimming Pool Filtration System Replacement Moved Cr J

16 04 2018 agenda and reports works and services committee

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and Surrounds �� �� Carisbrooke Park Regional �� �� Regional �� �� Happy Home Reserve (within swimming centre) Unity Park Regional ��Separated from playspace and rest of reserve The Paddocks Regional Toilet


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other than the roof catchment into below-ground tanks. Roofs should be secure and the sides and bottom of tanks should be sealed to prevent ingress. Swimming in storage tanks should be prevented

Edition 47 Salisbury Aware Winter 2015

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Daylight Saving 4 October: Starts 3am, put your clocks forward one hour. Labour Day 5 October: Public Holiday Salisbury Swimming Centre 12 October: Grab your swimming gear as the pool opens

18 11 2019 agenda and reports budget and finance committee

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CONFIDENTIAL ITEMS 6.9.1 Salisbury Recreation Prescinct Swimming Pool Filtration System Recommendation Pursuant to section 83(5) of the Local Government Act 1999 the Chief Executive Officer has

Corporate plan 2003 2006

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solar energy system at the Salisbury Swimming Centre in partnership with the University of South Australia • Work with the building industry to create a framework for the active promotion of energy

28022023 Minutes Council Assessment Panel

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within 10 metres of an existing dwelling or inground swimming pool; City of Salisbury Page 11 Council Assessment Panel Minutes - 28 February 2023 Minutes - Council Assessment Panel Meeting - 28

2016 agenda and reports policy and planning committee 3396912

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with limited entry and exit points and these are: �� Adams Oval (senior facility); �� Burton Park (all pitches); �� Globe Derby Equestrian Centre; �� Happy Home Swimming Pool; �� Mawson Lakes Beach

27022024 Minutes CAP

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(4)(b) of the Planning, Development and Infrastructure (General) Regulations 2017, and cannot be planted within 10 metres of an existing dwelling or inground swimming pool. 6. The clearance of trees

Edition 51 Salisbury Aware Summer 2016

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do not have the equipment as we have equipment you can hire. Web: Like us on: Call: 8285 9177 Visit: 62 Martin Rd, Paralowie Our swimming and water safety

18032024 Agenda and Reports Policy and Planning Committee

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The Strategy identifies the management and procedures associated with ground-based noise, local air quality, stormwater, soil and groundwater, land and heritage (including the Vernal Pools Management Plan

FINAL Welcome to Salisbury Information Booklet 2023 WEB

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• Kindisports • Martial Arts • Netball • Rollerskating • Seniors Programs (Over 50’s Club, Women’s Communication Group) • Squash • Swimming • Table Tennis • Tennis • Volleyball • Heart Foundation Walking

Scc implementation strategy final

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swimming pool and tennis courts) • Link to education and aged – whole of life learning • Focussed on core area • Potential stand alone building or anchor to private sector commercial building • The Civic
Council Grants Salisbury Legends Awards 2016 Active

Previous Legends Awards Winners

. 2005 Living Legends Matthew Cowdrey Living Legend Paralympic gold medallist Matthew Cowdrey achieved recognition as a swimming champion at the Athens Olympics and is an inspiration for others. Phillipa

Edition 38 Salisbury Aware Winter 2012

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is supported by his family, who he says without them he wouldn’t be able to compete. “I train every day, either swimming, riding, running or combinations of all three. An Ironman competition is all about

Edition 39 Salisbury Aware Summer 2012

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about to join the Heart Foundation Walking group. Plus, we enrolled our three year old daughter Amy into Little Athletics and swimming.” “My life has changed dramatically over the last few weeks and I

2016 agenda and reports program review sub committee

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Civic Centre replacement/upgrade; 3.17.3 Salisbury Swimming Pool; and 3.17.4 General property and building upgrades. 3.18 The LTFP indicates significant expenditure in the maintenance and replacement

2018 minutes council assessment panel 3953216

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Public Health (Legionella) Regulations 2013; - If any swimming or spa pool is installed as part of the entertainment venue, ensure it is installed and maintained in accordance with the South Australian

08 05 2017 agenda and reports sport recreation and grants committee

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selected for representation at a national or international competition/event/activity in the following categories �� �� �� �� �� Sport and recreation (football, netball, swimming etc) – letter from peak