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Swimming Pools

Development Swimming Pools Applications for swimming pools, including portable inflatable pools that exceed 300mm in depth or have a water filtration system, require both planning and building

Swimming Pools and Spas

Community Swimming Pools and Spas Swimming pool and spa safety: healthy water Swimming pools and spas need regular maintenance and water treatment to avoid becoming a breeding place for harmful

Public Health: For Business

. Pools and spas Information for owners of public swimming pools and spas as well as installers of private swimming pools. On-site Wastewater Systems Septic tank application forms and guidelines


Pools All swimming pools of a depth greater than 300 mm that incorporate a filtration system require Council approval. New Dwellings and Additions An overview of the information that must accompany

Pools and spas

Services Pools and spas Public pools and spas Where a swimming pool, spa pool or similar facility is available for use by the public, the owner of the facility must ensure that the pool is under

Public Health: For the public

be used for drinking and other uses if rainwater tanks are installed and maintained properly. Swimming Pools and Spas Swimming pool and spa safety include water quality management as well as safeguarding

Salisbury Recreation Precinct Redevelopment

for many years to come. Key elements of the precinct redevelopment are expected to include modern indoor and outdoor swimming pools to reflect a range of uses, a splash pad and water play space

What is Salisbury Water?

(human and animal consumption) Cooking or other kitchen purposes Personal washing eg baths, showers, hand basins and bidets Evaporative coolers Washing clothes Indoor household cleaning Filling swimming

Salisbury Recreation Precinct

25m and 50m outdoor swimming pools as well as a toddler pool. It is open from mid-October through to April each year and hosts a huge range of activities. This is the ideal place to cool off during

Progressive, sustainable, connected. • City of Salisbury

25m and 50m outdoor swimming pools as well as a toddler pool. It is open from mid-October through to April each year and hosts a huge range of activities. This is the ideal place to cool off during

Mosquito Control

and chlorinate swimming pool water. Unchlorinated pools allow breeding. Empty pot plant drip trays once a week or fill with sand. Self protection Check that fly screens around the home are fitted

Dry Creek Linear Park

. When the autumn rains begin, the native grasses are revitalised and the brown hills begin to turn green. Through the wet winter months small cascades link the shady pools that wind beneath

Health and Safety Requirements

: For Business Information for businesses relating to public health concerns including pages on tattooing and piercing, septic tanks, pools and spas. Environmental Health: For Business Environmental

Supported residential facilities

as facilities such as public pools and spas. Supported Residential Facilities Act 1992 PDF Supported Residential Facilities Regulations 2009 PDF Find us 34 Church Street Salisbury SA 5108 Contact us

Legionella Bacteria

pneumophila have been isolated from many sources, including hot water systems, cooling towers, hot and cold water taps, showers, nebulisers, spa baths, hydrotherapy pools and ornamental fountains. Although

Salisbury Aquatic Centre

Council Salisbury Aquatic Centre Submissions close 25 August 2021 at 5:00 pm For over 60 years, the Salisbury Swimming Pool Centre has provided fun and fitness for people of all ages. Many of you

Pool Lifeguard

Bookings essential. Please register your interest via the link. This course covers the skills and knowledge of first aid, resuscitation, swimming and water safety. Delivered by Royal Life Saving SA. Next

Property Valuations

such as a home, veranda, shed or swimming pool. Sales of all property types are analysed to determine market movements. This analysis of sales happens throughout the year. For more information, visit


the hills to the sea is our scope many and various locations – recreation centres, libraries, work outside, swimming centres, operations centre etc Shift options many of our locations work on flexible

Progressive, sustainable, connected. • City of Salisbury

Activities Happy Home Reserve Address Between Waterloo Corner Road and Salisbury Highway, Salisbury North, South Australia 5108 (view map) Type Recreational Reserve, Swimming Pool, Facility for Hire