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Development Building Residential Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools

Applications for swimming pools, including portable inflatable pools that exceed 300mm in depth or have a water filtration system, require both planning and building approval.

Council requires a detailed site plan to be submitted with any swimming pool application. This site plan must show the proposed pool fencing and the gate access to the pool. It is important to show the height and type of existing fencing (if you are using it as part of the pool fence) and the details of any proposed fencing.

As part of the application you must also note if the pool is in-ground or above-ground, and dimension on the site plan the distance from the proposed pool to the property boundary and any existing structures. Pool specifications must be provided for the pool for Building Consent.

Swimming pool and spa safety and legislation

All new swimming pools require development approval from Council.

As part of the approval process, owners of private pools must ensure they are safe for children. Guidelines which came into effect in December 2010 and stipulate that any person applying for building rules consent from this date, will not be able to use child-resistant doors as part of a required child-safety barrier for an outdoor swimming pool. They will be required to have a fence to isolate the swimming pool from the house.

Download the brochure Is your swimming pool kid safe? for general guidelines.

The Minister's Specification SA 76D provides the new requirements for upgrading prescribed swimming pools.

Visit the SA Government Website Page on Swimming Pool Safety for an overview of the most current and relevant legislation including downloadable resources and useful links.

Further information

Please note that the information above is intended as a guide only. Further clarification of these matters can be obtained from the Development Services on phone: (08) 8406 8222 or email Development Services.

Lodge development application

If you wish to proceed to lodge a development application please go to SA Planning Portal.