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Jack Russel dog in a fenced backyard


Council approval is required to build any kind of fence which is;

  • Taller than 2.1 metres
  • A masonry fence taller than 1 metre
  • Where the combined height of a retaining wall and the fence exceed 2.1 metres
  • A fence over 1 metre in height within 6 metres of a road intersection (except where a 4 x 4 metre corner cut off has been provided). Refer to the ‘corner fencing’ image below.

The height of the fence is measured from the lowest side of the ground.

Where approval is required, Council will seek to minimise the visual impact of retaining walls and fencing, especially when viewed from neighbouring sites or the street, while balancing visual privacy expectations for occupants.

The documents to be provided to Council for approval should include:

  • a detailed site plan indicating the location of the wall
  • elevation drawings showing materials, finishes and height of the wall
  • construction details of how the wall will be constructed
  • engineer's design documentation including calculations for the footings and connection details
Development Building Salisbury Residential Fencing Corner Diagram


Building work is generally not permitted over easements. If you need to construct a building over an easement, approval must be obtained from the authority that has control of the easement. The Certificate of Title will detail which authority has the benefit of the easement.


Some areas have encumbrances that have specific construction obligations for owners. Please check your Certificate of Title in case your property has an encumbrance. Encumbrances are usually administered by the developer of a housing estate.

To obtain a copy of your Certificate of Title, visit Land Services SA - Get a copy of your Title | Land Services SA.

Fencing Disputes

Fence and boundary disputes between neighbours are a civil matter.

Council has no jurisdiction to determine who pays for the fence or whether the fence is located correctly on the boundary.

The Legal Services Commission of South Australia ( is best placed to provide advice on processes under the 'Fences Act' and to answer any civil/legal questions you may have.