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2016 amended minutes council meeting

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application for matching funding and to enable project implementation if that application is successful. 4. In the event that the Salisbury Amateur Athletics Club is unsuccessful in its application

18 02 2019 agenda and reports budget and finance committee

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to undertake market assessment this financial year. 5. Transfer $36,900 of the Salisbury Events budgets from Contractual Services to Wages & Salaries which is a cheaper option than hiring contractors. 6

20 07 2020 agenda and reports resources and governance committee

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AGM will be held on Thursday 29 October 2020 at the Adelaide Town Hall (subject to restrictions on gatherings). When a draft program for this event is released, it will be made available to all Elected

2019 agenda and reports strategic property development sub committee 4191327

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with the Sportsmans Association as the masterplan detail evolved including relating to storage areas, carpark and lighting design and layouts, management of parking and access for major events. Recent advice from

19042022 Agenda and Reports Policy and Planning Committee

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Seconded Cr A Duncan That Council: 1. Approves Administration to work towards a National Park City community launch event within the City of Salisbury in June 2022. 2. Approves Administration to continue

2602024 Agenda and Reports Council Meeting

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Compliance Audit $120,000 Salisbury Fringe Carnival $25,000 Thrive Action Plan $80,000 Turf Pitches Rebate $7,800 Waste Management at Salisbury Events $15,000 CAPITAL Brickwork Place, Walkley Heights

18 06 2018 agenda and reports resources and governance committee

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and be responsible for the financial and artistic performance of country arts activities funded by the Trust; 3.2.8 To provide ticketing services for productions or events of any kind staged or promoted


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does not create an insanitary condition. It should be disposed of as often as may be appropriate in view of the nature of the refuse, but in any event at least once per week. The owner, operator

Attachment Under Separate Cover Item 3 1 2 Delegations Review

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area) falls within the ambit of the declaration; and Page 66 of 1184 Development Act 1993 Provision Power and Functions Delegated Delegate Conditions and Limitations 8.2.2 in any event, within 5 years

20022023 Agenda and Reports Urban Services Committee

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. Page 51 Urban Services Committee Agenda - 20 February 2023 City of Salisbury ITEM 4.1.6 1.4 Seaweed (dead sea grass) is blown into the St Kilda channel during particular seasons and wind events

14 12 2020 agenda and reports governance and compliance committee

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for a development authorisation under the PDI Act that will, in the event that the relevant development is approved, bind: 33.1.1 the person; and 33.1.2 any other person who has the benefit of the development

16082021 Agenda and Reports Governance and Compliance Committee

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into an agreement under Section 193 of the PDI Act with a person who is applying for a development authorisation under the PDI Act that will, in the event that the relevant development is approved, bind: 33.1.1

08042024 Agenda and Reports Environmental Sustainability and Trees Sub Committee

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in legislation; or •14.1.1. Earlier in the event of changes to legislation or related Policies and Procedures; or •14.1.2. If deemed necessary by Council. Formatted: List Paragraph, Outline numbered