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Community News New Small Dog Park

New small dog park

A small dog park has been completed at Happy Home Reserve.

The park is situated on the corner of Waterloo Corner Road and Davis Street, Salisbury North. This is right next to the Little Para River Trail.

Please note that as of Friday 8 May, all dog parks have been re-opened. Please remember to bring your own sanitiser/wipes and wash your hands thoroughly when you get home. To keep you safe, social distancing measures will apply so please maintain a distance of 1.5m between yourself and others and keep groups to no more than 10 people. At our dog parks, a maximum of 10 people are allowed inside the facility at any one time. This is part of Council’s response and government requirements in relation to the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. You can find Council’s latest updates regarding the management of COVID-19 here.

One of our local residents, Jim Binder says, "I can't wait to take my dog Coco there".