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Community News Salisbury Seniors Alliance

Salisbury Seniors Alliance

City of Salisbury has an Age Friendly Strategic Plan, which adopts the World Health Organisations principles of an Age Friendly City. The Salisbury Seniors’ Alliance is a valuable network of older residents who help Council implement The Plan.

What is Age Friendly?

Age friendly communities are designed and operated to support older people to participate in life, so that they feel confident and able to remain active within their family, friendship circles and the wider community. Age-friendly communities encompass the whole community and all ages.

What is the Salisbury Seniors Alliance?

The Age-friendly Seniors Alliance is a group of connected older people who will bring a consumer perspective to discussion and decisions about key aspects of service planning and provision in building an Age-friendly Salisbury community.

Purpose of the Group:

The purpose of the group is to ensure older residents have a platform to voice their perspective and participate in design and decision making on:

  • Outdoor Spaces and Buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Social Participation
  • Respect and Social Inclusion
  • Civic Participation, Employment and Volunteering
  • Communication and Information
  • Community Support and Health Services

Commitment of the Group:

The Salisbury Seniors Alliance is the platform to begin the conversations.

  • A member must be an older resident, and have a connection to Salisbury through participation, live, work or volunteer in Salisbury and have a connection to other groups to seek out others views and ideas.
  • Members will work together with Council to evaluate our work through an annual survey and focus groups.
  • Members and management will decide together meeting times and dates.

Joining the Group

if you're interested in applying to join the Salisbury Seniors Alliance group, complete this form or for more information contact:

Myfanwy Mogford
Diversity & Inclusion Project Officer
Community Health & Wellbeing
08 8406 8498 | M: 0466 842 275