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Community News How Strength For Life Program Helped 1

How the Strength for Life Program helped me

Hi! My name is Elva and I am 72 years young. In December 2017 I underwent a bone density scan resulting in a diagnosis of osteoporosis, which came as a bit of a shock.

I was placed on medication to help treat this and after some research I realised more physical exercise was recommended, but the gymnasium I was attending at the time proved to be less than supportive. So I spoke to the Wellbeing Coordinator at the Jack Young Centre who provided me with a list of the Strength for Life (SFL) venues in Salisbury and from this I chose to attend the North Care Physio ‘Strength for Life’ program on Park Terrace, Salisbury.

The initial hour long assessment cost $50. Now I pay $7 per hourly session twice a week. These exercise are designed to build up muscles and improve balance. My doctor was so pleased with my progress that she has indicated a preference for all her older patients to do SFL instead of simply taking pain pills.

These gym exercises are a great way to get one’s mobility back on track, and it’s fun as well. The trainer at Northcare has only twelve people in each session so is able to provide personal attention to everyone. As an additional bonus I have lost 5 kilograms in weight. SFL is healthy, enjoyable and lots of fun. I would recommend everyone join in with some kind of movement and exercise.

Strength for Life is a COTA SA program specifically for the Over 50’s.

Community News How Strength For Life Program Helped 2