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Community News Tidying The Tapa 1

Tidying the 'Tapa'

‘Our group loves cleaning up the area we are passionate about. Teamwork and doing our bit to protect this beautiful area of the cycling path’

This article celebrates a pro-active community contribution and a ‘can do’ attitude.

One of our regular Cycle Salisbury riders, Rhonda Whyatt (pictured) had noticed a lot of rubbish collecting along the new Tapa Marinthi Yala Shared Use Path, coming mainly from the Northern Connector roadway.

No one likes seeing rubbish lying around and spoiling where we ride’

Rather than just whinge about it, Rhonda has decided to do something about it.

She contacted KESAB and has registered with the “Adopt-A-Road” program. Rhonda and helpers do an occasional clean-up of a 3km section of the southern part of the Tapa Marinthi Yala which runs alongside the Northern connector near the salt pans.

The group has done three clean-ups with 20 plus bags of rubbish collected each time.

Well done Rhonda and team… we love your community contribution.

The Road Watch “Adopt-A-Road” program was introduced in 1996 as a joint initiative between KESAB and the Department for Infrastructure and Transport to encourage greater community participation in roadside care.

Roads are an important shop-front in presenting SA to visitors from interstate and overseas, and road litter, in particular, is bad for business and the tourist experience. Litter can damage fragile roadside environments, many of which contain rare and threatened species. Litter travels the storm water system to pollute rivers, creeks and oceans, causing harm to all forms of marine life.

Find out more about the program here.