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St Kilda Mangrove Boardwalk Temporarily Closed (UPDATED)
The Mangrove Trail has reopened with conditions, following repairs. The first 300m of the trail is open and accessible to the public. The last 200m section of the trail to the lookout is currently closed.


Financial Wellbeing Photo

Financial Wellbeing

Financial struggles can place significant strain on our health, our relationships, and our sense of security. Poor financial wellbeing is a leading cause of social exclusion, preventing many of us from participating fully in society, and restricting our freedom to pursue our goals. Council is acutely aware that rapidly rising costs of living – of everything from food, to petrol, to electricity, and housing – have placed enormous strain on the budgets of many families.

“Financial wellbeing is when a person is able to meet expenses and has some money left over, is in control of their finances and feels financially secure, now and in the future”.

Council is dedicated to working collaboratively with others in the region to identify ways to build financial wellbeing and resilience in the Salisbury community. In 2022, we became a founding member of the Northern Adelaide Financial Inclusion Action Plan, setting out our specific commitments, and detailing how we are working with other service providers to achieve community-wide impact.

The City of Salisbury supports community members who may be facing financial difficulties in a number of ways.

Flexible payment options for your council rates

Council is committed to assisting ratepayers who are experiencing difficulty paying their rates to manage their payments and assist them to better manage their rates on an ongoing basis. Those experiencing financial hardship may be eligible to apply for assistance in managing their rate payments, while Sate Seniors Card holders may also have the option of postponing their rates. Click here to find out more.

Are you a residential Salisbury Water customer?

Please contact Council to discuss our Hardship Policy for Residential Salisbury Water Customers, including the possibility of flexible payment options and information on water saving measures. SA Water Customers experiencing financial hardship should contact SA Water’s Customer Assist Program team on 08 7424 1650, or email

FREE resources from your local library

DVDs, video streaming services, magazines, newspapers, e-books, audiobooks, computers with MS Office, WIFI, educational resources, children’s entertainment – save your own money because our libraries offer all of this for FREE! Drop into one of our 5 modern and friendly libraries, or visit our website to see the huge variety of free resources, activities, and programs on offer. Many of our library services – such as the Kanopy movie streaming service and our range of e-books and audiobooks – are even accessible online! Visit here to learn more.

Financial literacy and budgeting sessions in our community centres and libraries

As well as offering a vast range of free resources for entertainment, self-development, and research, our libraries and community centres offer a regularly-updated program of low-cost classes, including Adult Community Education classes at the Morella and Pooraka Farm Community Centres, and a youth self-employment program at the Twelve25 Youth Centre. Click here to find out more.

The City of Salisbury is also committed to supporting the long-term inclusive growth of the Salisbury economy, by providing local opportunities, developing local skills, and growing local businesses.

Economic development and business development services

Located in Mawson Lakes, The Polaris Business Development Centre is a one-of-a-kind service dedicated to levelling-up the economy of Northern Adelaide. The Polaris Centre can help your business to start, grow or become more competitive by providing access to affordable general business information and expert advice, mentoring, workshops and seminars. Polaris serves start-ups, as well as micro, small, medium and large sized business owners and operators in the region. If you or your business resides in the City of Salisbury you have access to special discounts. Don’t know where you start? Do you own a business or are you a sole trader experiencing some financial hardship? Get in touch and make an appointment with one of our qualified business advisors. For more information, please visit here.

Housing affordability

Rising housing and rental prices are placing enormous strain on families’ ability to access secure housing. Rising prices also make it increasingly difficult for people to remain in their chosen communities, close to work, school, friends and support networks. While housing affordability is a complex problem with many causes, the City of Salisbury is committed to doing what it can to address the issue. The Affordable Housing Implementation Plan identifies housing affordability issues affecting the City of Salisbury and puts forward practical solutions to increasing affordable housing supply and facilitate better housing outcomes for the Salisbury Community.

Work experience

Unsure what you would like to do when you leave school? Council employs over 400 people working in a huge variety of professional roles, from engineering to horticulture, business analytics to community services. Learn more about your Council and the many career pathways on offer by speaking to your school and applying for a City of Salisbury work experience placement! To learn more, please click here.


The City of Salisbury runs a regular traineeship program, offering a supportive and structured hands-on learning environment while studying a nationally accredited certificate qualification. Our traineeships provide the opportunity to learn on the job in a range of outdoor and indoor roles, supported by a professional development program designed to kickstart your career journey. To view current opportunities, click here.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your present situation, there are services in the community that can help.

National Debt Helpline

The National Debt Helpline is a not-for-profit service that helps people to tackle their debt problems and to get back on track. National Debt Helpline is the first port of call for anyone experiencing trouble. If you can’t find the answer to your situation on their website, you can call 1800 007 007 to speak with one of their trained financial counsellors, who can provide you with free advice to help you through your situation. If your matter is more complex, the National Debt Helpline can refer you to your closest face-to-face financial counselling service, legal services, crisis food and accommodation services, and health services.


The Australian Government’s MoneySmart website provides information, tools and resources to help you to manage your money. This includes information about how to:

  • deal with debt collectors
  • get help with a repayment plan if you’re struggling
  • check your credit report
  • find free financial counselling services in your community
  • find free legal advice services in your community
  • find free crisis support services in your community (including food, housing and emotional support)
  • Website

Good Money Store

Good Shepherd’s Good Money Stores offer financial support via their network of financial capability workers and counsellors. Good Money Stores also offer direct financial support to clients through their No Interest Loans (NILs). To learn more and to access support, give them a call or drop in to the Good Money Store at 58 John Street in Salisbury.

  • Website
  • Phone: 1300 770 550
  • Email:
  • Drop in address: 58 John Street, Salisbury SA 5108

The No Interest Loans Scheme enables eligible clients to borrow money, interest-free, for essential goods, services, and urgent expenses. For more information on the No Interest Loans Scheme and to find other NILS providers near you, please click here or phone 13 64 57.

Northern Community Legal Service

The Northern Community Legal Service provides free legal advice to residents of northern Adelaide. The Service can assist with matters of Civil Law, Criminal Law, and Family Law, as well as provide information and support for individuals and families who are experiencing debt problems or financial distress. Advice and information on debt management, negotiating with creditors, budgeting, bankruptcy, credit laws, and government assistance are available. To book an appointment, please contact the Northern Community Legal Service via the following options:

Muir, K., Hamilton, M., Noone, J.H., Marjolin, A, Salignac, F., & Saunders, P. (2017). Exploring Financial Wellbeing in the Australian Context. Centre for Social Impact & Social Policy Research Centre – University of New South Wales Sydney, for Financial Literacy Australia