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Activities Arts 2021 Watershed Creative Art Prize 04

Current Exhibitions and Displays

Harmony in Diversity by Sanaz Harati

15 June - 4 July 2022

Salisbury Community Hub (ground floor and level 1)

Presented to celebrate Refugee Week, ‘Harmony in Diversity’ by Sanaz Harati is all about connection and eye catching beauty in unity.

Each garment is made of not one kind of fabric, but more than four or five different fabrics and patterns that merge together in harmony and make a unique garment called a “kaftan”.

A kaftan is a loose fitting outer garment that has no buttons or zipper that is easy to wear in all seasons. The kaftans within this exhibition reflect the story of refugees from around the world that are coming to this new fabulous society. They add a little touch of culture that can merge in harmony with modern society to bring a fantastic outcome for everyone.

The kaftans are designed here in Adelaide and sewed by many residents of the City of Salisbury that come from a refugee background. All kaftans and artworks were designed by costume designer Sanaz Harati of Pari Boutique Collection. Sanaz is a fashion designer and fashion stylist graduate of Art University of Tehran.

We hope you enjoy them as much as they enjoyed making and designing them.

Complexities II: Reflections by Thomas Readett

21 June - 26 July 2022

Salisbury Community Hub in the John Harvey Community Hall

This body of work, first showcased at The Mill in Adelaide, uses self-portraiture as a medium for exploring the complexities of contemporary life. Thomas’ self-exploration and personal narratives become opportunities to reflect the wider world through themes of love, loss, and grief.

Taking inspiration from the Rubik’s cube, Thomas sets the scene of a ‘thinking game’, asking viewers to consider a multi-layered reading of his works. Complexities and connections can be found throughout, with audiences able to bring personal interpretation to their journey through the exhibition environment. Rather than self-portraiture being self-focused, Readett speaks of empathetic connection and creative interpretation of the challenges of 21st century life.

Thomas’ graphic aesthetic is powerfully rendered in black and white, with careful attention to detail. He melds street art style with classical training to produce work that is technical and conceptual.

More information about Thomas can be found here.

Come along and 'Meet the Artist' on Saturday 2 July 2022 at 2pm at the Salisbury Community Hub.