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Activities Arts 2021 Watershed Creative Art Prize 04

Current Exhibitions and Displays

Earth Quest - Outer Space to Inner Earth

A Questacon Exhibition

10 January - 2 March 2022

Salisbury Community Hub and John Harvey Community Hall

For the first time in the north one of Questacon's exciting travelling exhibitions Earth Quest—Outer Space to Inner Earth, escorts visitors on a voyage from the outer limits of the Milky Way galaxy to the very centre of the planet Earth. It is mainly targeted at visitors aged 8 to 12 years but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Earth Quest's 30 interactive exhibits explore themes of astronomy, geology, geography, environmental science and biology. Why do we have seasons? How did mountains form? How have animals adapted to life in different climates? How do scientists know what’s at the centre of the Earth when we can't dig deeper than 12 kilometres below ground?

Bring the family and enjoy.

RAAF Freedom of Entry March

5 November 2021

As part of the Air Force Centenary, RAAF uniforms marched into town on 5 November 2021, exercising a medieval right called ‘Freedom of Entry’ to honour and celebrate the special relationship between the RAAF and City of Salisbury.

Check out the highlights video below.