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Public Art Balancing Act 1

Public Art in Salisbury

Public art enhances the quality of our environment and our experience of it. It can enliven and animate a space and add a very human and distinctive element.

Public art goes beyond the purely functional and reflects the life and aspirations of the people that live in and use the space. It can also act as a bridge between different groups and generations of people and inspires new ways of looking at the world.

Public Artworks can be found right across the city with new works being commissioned regularly adding vibrancy to the landscape as well as capturing the diversity and history of the Salisbury community.

Public art opportunities

The City of Salisbury is seeking Expressions of Interest from artists/creatives to design and create public art as part of the City of Salisbury’s Church and John Street revitalisation project.

Two opportunities exist for South Australian artists/artist teams to create artworks at key points along John Street as part of the Church and John Street revitalisation project. A budget of $45,000 is available for the implementation of each artwork as per the Public Art Briefs below.

Expressions of Interest should be received by 10am on Wednesday 27 July 2022. The shortlisted applicants will be interviewed before a final applicant is awarded the contract.

To apply, please refer to the artist brief.

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