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Public Art Mawson Lakes Promenade Ascension 01



Title of Artwork: Ascension

Artist: Hussein Valamanesh and Craig Andrae

Form: Sculptures in stainless steel and powder coated steel

Commissioned by: Delfin Lend Lease

Project Partners: Mawson Lakes Community Trust Fund and City of Salisbury

Year of Completion: 2004


Located in the Main Lake at Mawson Lakes, the sculpture is visible from Mawson Lakes Boulevard. The concept of the curvilinear lines was picked up from the initial landscape design and taken further to engage the water's edge. Placing the sculptures in the water opens up the space and makes connections between land and water. While the two elements of steps and spirals may complement each other they can also be seen as opposites. The steps may be seen as logic, order and man-made while the spiral has reference to intuition, the organic and the natural.


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