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Public Art Collecting Thoughts 1

Collecting Thoughts


Title of Artwork: Collecting Thoughts

Artists: Margaret Worth

Form: Sculpture

Commissioned by: Land Management Corporation

Project Partners: City of Salisbury, Delfin and Arts SA

Year of Completion: 2003


The artwork provides an object that symbolizes the concept of Technology Park, i.e. the clustering of ideas and innovative practices towards the generation of health and wealth in the society. The style and shapes relate to surrounding architectural textures, consolidating a local visual language. The size relate to human scale in the outdoor environment.

The artwork creates a focal point that is highly visible to many people. Through innovative application in the use of materials, form and interactivity, the artwork presents dynamic images of the technological era. It becomes an identifying maker.

Its play with light and sound making reflects the aspects of environmental and human interaction that are central to the idea of Technology Park. The sound component would be an experience that draws people's attention and invites participation.


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