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‘Be Active – Find Your WHY’ - Heart Foundation Innovation Challenge

City of Salisbury has been awarded a grant by the Heart Foundation towards the development of a project that encourages communities to improve their health through physical activity.

More than half of Australia’s adult population do not meet the recommended guidelines for daily physical activity, placing those Australians at an increased risk of cardiovascular disease including heart attack and stroke.

To encourage more movement and help improve the heart health of these Australians, the Heart Foundation with support from the Department of Health and Aged Care runs the annual ‘Active Australia Innovation Challenge’ in which schools, universities and community organisations are encouraged to submit innovative new ideas to get more people moving more often to receive grant funding.

We are delighted to announce the City of Salisbury is one of 10 successful applicants nationally with our 'Be Active - Find Your WHY' project for older adults.

Using fillable postcards, the City of Salisbury’s program for older adults looks at increasing motivation and participation in current physical activity programs offered within the community.

The postcards will highlight their reasons for being physically active and bring a plan to life. Community members with greater needs will have the opportunity to work one on one with an exercise physiologist to create their plan.

Click here to read the full Heart Foundation media release.

This initiative will have a trial phase initially and then be rolled out in Spring 2023.

We look forward to bringing this project to life in 2023. In the meantime, please contact our senior centres if you would like to be a bit more active. We have plenty on offer!

For more information about this project, contact Jim on 8406 8251 or email

This project has been funded by the Heart Foundation’s Active Australia Innovation Challenge and the Australia Government.

  1. The Be Active - Find your Why expo with special guest "Mr South Australia' Keith Conlon held on October 5 was fantastic! It was great to see so many people trying something new and learning some information. We hope the momentum to ‘move more’ continues.
  2. There's so much on offer for you to 'have a go'. Check out what’s on offer in the resources section below.
  3. Do you and a friend want to get some motivation to move more? Our next coaching session will be running on Monday 16 October at Jack Young Centre. Book now - limited numbers, plus all attendees go in a draw to win a prize! Enquires: 8406 8521
  4. Our come and try activities were so popular, they have become ongoing programs. Check out the new Contemporary Dance sessions for Seniors, and/or the Shadow Boxing with Cheryl.
  5. We have three new local story postcards to share. Check out Sue, Sian and Nazli’s story. You're encouraged to complete your own 'Be Active - Find your Why' postcards and take one to a friend. Printed copies of the postcards are available for you to pick up from Jack Young Centre or Para Hills Seniors Centre.

Follow these steps to help you find your why, move more and be more active.

Step 1: 'Find Your Why' by starting to think about these points.

  1. What movement do you enjoy? Eg walking outdoors or with others, dancing, cycling, swimming? Internal motivation often comes from a sense of enjoyment or pleasure in the activity itself. If you find yourself looking forward to an activity or feeling a sense of satisfaction after completing it, that may be a sign of internal motivation.
  2. Listen to your instincts: Internal motivation often comes from an inner desire to achieve a goal or improve oneself. Pay attention to your instincts and inner voice to help identify what drives you.

Step 2: Get inspired by our community champions.

See how local community members are finding their why. Select a postcard below or check out the community stories below for some inspiration.

You can also get hold of one of our ‘Be Active – Find Your Why’ postcards in hard copy at Jack Young Centre or Para Hills Seniors Centre.

See how other local community members are finding their WHY…and use it as inspiration for you.

Step 3: Find out your own motivation and make your own postcard.

Most of us are aware of the reasons for being more physically active, including living a healthier life and being able to maintain function (amongst so many other benefits). The tons of research and evidence is there. Sometimes however we need to dig a bit further to find a more powerful WHY of being more active that resonates and helps to motivate us.

Use the blank half of the postcard to make your own ‘Be Active – Find Your Why’ and then put it somewhere that we remind you regularly of why you should be moving and what activity (or activities) you will do. Remember it is beneficial to move in as many different ways as possible.

Complete your own postcard

Feel like sharing it? Email Jim ( with a copy.

Step 4: Take action.

Check out the free come & try activities below, or visit a venue listed below and discover a physical activity that matches your interests.

Check to see if the activity you are interested in is being offered at one of our Seniors Centres, Community Centres or Recreation Centre. If not give Jim a call on 8406 8251 or email him for assistance. There are a number of FREE Come & Try activities being run during Spring as well as a Big EXPO in October. Invite a friend to come with you! Nothing helps motivation more than being active it with a friend.

Step 5: Invite a friend to complete their own postcard

One aim of this project is to harness the power of personal invitation. Not only do you have the opportunity to motivate yourself but also to help someone else do the same. You can do this by giving them their own postcard and encouraging them to think about why they would like to move a little more!

You can also support them by inviting them for a walk, getting them joining you at a movement class or letting them know you would be happy to come with them to an activity they would like to try at the level suitable for them.

Download the instructions on how to use the postcards.

FREE ‘Have a Go’ sessions for adults over 50

Here's what's coming up:

‘Be Active – Find Your Why’ Coaching session

Motivate yourself to be more active and help someone else do the same. Come and get guidance how to use the postcards.

This project targets Over 50's to move a little more and to actively encourage others to do the same. Attend our upcoming Coaching session to find out how you can get more activity into your day, what sort of activity you need and how to harness the power of personal invitation to help someone else do the same.

In this FREE session, we'll discuss how you might go about this and welcome your suggestions and ideas.
eg. You can support others by inviting them to walk, joining a movement class together, or offering to accompany them in trying activities they're interested in at their comfort level…

**WIN** Attend this session for a chance to win a complimentary month of attendance (4 sessions) at one of our exercise groups!

When: Mon 16 October 10am to 11.30am

Location: Jack Young Centre (JYC), 2 Orange Ave, Salisbury

Cost: Free. Bookings essential.

Bookings and Enquiries: Jim 8406 8251 or email

Flyer here

Registration of Interest

If you can’t attend there will be other classes later in the year – register your interest. Contact Jim on 8406 8251 or email Jim at

'Be Active - Find Your Why' Wellness Expo

On Thursday 5 October we held the 'Be Active - Find Your Why' Wellness Expo at the Jack Young Centre. SA Media legend (and Bike SA patron) Keith Conlon joined us as our Special Guest speaker on the day. We hosted several 'Have a Go' sessions which were well attended! For those who want to see these ladies again at JYC - see details below:

Session 1: Jeannette showed us how to warm up - do the full session with Strength for Life on Fridays

Session 2: Contemporary Dance with Veronica on Thursdays

Session 3: Dance for Health with Sue on Thursdays

Session 4: Cheryl showcased a range of activities she teaches on Tuesdays from seated exercise (Prime Movers), Shadow Boxing and the new Drumming session!

Session 5: Bike ride with Keith Conlon and members of Cycle Salisbury.

Session 6: Heart Foundation walk

CLICK HERE to see JYC's full program of activities on offer.

Thanks to those who came along, if you couldn't make it or if you have any questions about the activities and events on offer to help older people move more, contact JYC Reception on 8406 8525.

New ongoing programs - thanks to popular have-a-go sessions

NEW ongoing programs - thanks to popular have-a-go sessions.

Contemporary Dance for Seniors

Join us for two exciting dance programs tailored for seniors led by experienced instructor: Veronica Shun (a former contemporary dancer and physiotherapist). This low-impact dance class will take inspiration from a wide range of genres, including contemporary/modern dance, jazz, musical theatre, and even a sprinkle of classical ballet and Spanish flamenco. If you can't resist tapping your foot or swaying your shoulders when a great tune comes on the radio, then this over 50s dance class is tailor-made for you! No previous dance experience is required.

Seated Contemporary Dance

This chair-based class is designed to accommodate the needs of older individuals with varying levels of mobility and balance, including those with Parkinson's disease or other movement disorders. Enjoy the fun and gentle modified dance routines set to a variety of music genres, including jazz, classical, contemporary, and 50's/60's/70's tunes. Seated dance exercise options are provided.

NEW Standing Contemporary Dance

Following a popular ‘Have a Go’ session we are now trailing a regular weekly program.

Experience the joy of movement and explore different ways of dancing in this standing class. Join us for a free trial and discover the fun!

Thursdays 10.15am to 11.15am (seated)
Thursdays 9am to 10am (standing)

Cost: First session is free. Weekly: $8 ($7 for CHSP subsidy). Book now!

Location: Jack Young Centre (JYC), 2 Orange Ave, Salisbury

Bookings and enquiries: JYC Reception or 8406 8525

Shadow Boxing

A great work-out for those that wish to move a bit more. Note: Boxing gloves are not used.

When: Tuesdays 1.30pm to 2.15pm

Cost: First session is free. Weekly: $6 ($5 for CHSP subsidy). Book now!

Location: Jack Young Centre (JYC), 2 Orange Ave, Salisbury

Bookings and enquiries: JYC Reception or 8406 8525

From free cycling and walking activities, to tai-chi and seated exercises - there's so much to do in the City of Salisbury.

Find out more (including the different venues on offer) here.

Listen to Natalie’s inspirational story of how she transitioned from a wheelchair to riding a bike. Watch the video here.

For more information or to stay connected about this project

Contact Jim Binder, Wellbeing Coordinator City of Salisbury on 8406 8251 or email

This project has been funded by the Heart Foundation’s Active Australia Innovation Challenge and the Australian Government.